A Night with Minister Muñoz

This week Ken and Haley had the opportunity to attend the inaugural launch of the Latin American Center at Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. Given Mirr Ranch Group’s extensive work in Patagonia, and specifically Chile and Argentina, it was great to spend time with guest speaker Heraldo Muñoz, Foreign Minister of Chile, as well as Ambassador Chris Hill, Dean of Josef Korbel School.


Minister Muñoz discussed the relationship between Chile and the Unites States, the environmental importance of the ocean to Chile, and the overall shift from a reliance on mining to domestic entrepreneurship. Chile welcomes foreign direct investment, and has made it easy for people from the Unites State to purchase properties.

Chile and the United States have always had an excellent bilateral relationship. We are strategic partners on the world stage and agree on many multi-lateral affairs. The policy for trade and investments is transparent in Chile and unlike many other South American countries, it is outlined to welcome foreign direct investment.


Minister Muñoz also expressed concern on the ongoing climate change that has been occurring, primarily its effects on the ocean. As Munoz put it, the future of Chile’s well-being depends on the ocean. Chile is concerned with marine protection, illegal fishing practices, and rising water levels. Chile is a thin country and the majority of it touches the ocean. The degradation of sea life effects the economy and well-being of Chile. So far, the country has made strides to protect marine life and discourage illegal fishing near the coastline. In October of 2015, the Chilean government proposed an extensive plan to expand the country’s protected waters by over 100,000 square kilometers. Chile properties like Fundo Los Leones and Tortel are near the coast and influenced by each of the issues the minister outlined.

Fundo Los Leones | Chile Properties

Muñoz also discussed mining practices. The copper industry in Chile is the largest in the country. Copper is Chile’s main export and the economy relies heavily on its production. Minister Muñoz discussed the government’s desire to spend more resources on domestic innovation and entrepreneurship and to rely less on copper as its main export.


Chile is making strides in economic policy, innovation, and environmental protection. Given the strong ties that have always existed between our two countries, owning land in Chile will continue to be a great investment opportunity as the country becomes an even bigger economic powerhouse. Take a look at our Patagonia portfolio of properties and invest today!

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