Acclaimed multi-million dollar trophy hunting ranch sells in Salina, Utah

The Fishlake Ranch, an 8,150-acre private inholding adjoining the Fishlake National Forest in Salina, Utah, has sold. The ranch, listed by Mirr Ranch Group of Denver, Colo. for $12.5 million, is said by many experts to be one of the finest fair-chase trophy elk properties in the world.

Utah State University biologists conducted a study in 2005 which revealed that this property, at any given time, holds from 20 percent to 40 percent of the herd from the adjoining Fishlake National Forest, the site where the Boone and Crocket world-record non-typical elk was taken in 2008. The Fishlake herd population is estimated at 4,000 to 5,000 animals with between 800 and 2,000 elk inhabiting this ranch at any given time.

“The Fishlake Ranch buyer is a hunting enthusiast who recognized how special the property is,” explained Jeff Hubbard, listing broker for the property along with Pat Lancaster, both with Mirr Ranch Group.

According to Doyle Moss, president of Mossback Outfitters and guide for the world-record elk holder, “The ranch is an absolute elk factory. The rut on this property is total chaos; it’s impossible to describe the bugling and big bulls tearing it up here in September.”

The ranch participates in Utah’s Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit program, which guarantees coveted rifle bull tags for the September rut to the owner. Hubbard points out that this transaction shows the purchase of land with these kinds of recreational values continues to be a sound investment strategy.

“This sale is a great example of how demand for extraordinary sporting properties remains strong in spite of current economic conditions,” said Hubbard.

Ken Mirr, owner of Mirr Ranch Group, added, “Sophisticated buyers are increasingly interested in well-valued trophy hunting properties, an emerging niche market within ranch real estate. Mirr Ranch Group has been able to fill that need given our expertise in land, hunting, conservation and wildlife stewardship.”

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