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BLM proposes horse euthanasia program

Wild horses are in the news again, as the Bureau of Land Management deals with an over population problem and is proposing euthanasia for these mustangs. In a Sunday article in the New York Times:

“For years, the bureau has been running the Adopt-A-Horse program, selling mustangs from the range to those who would care for them. But 30,000 once-wild horses were never adopted and are being boarded by the agency at facilities in Kansas and Oklahoma (another 33,000 run wild). As feed and gas grow more expensive, the rate of adoptions plummets.”

According to the article, the BLM and it’s critics disagree on the following judgement calls: “how many horses can a range of 29 million acres support, and how should that level be maintained?”

What do you think? Do you agree with opponents of horse euthanasia who claim the wild mustang is a fundamental part of American imagery and have a right to be on these lands? Or do you agree with proponents, who claim an over population destroys water holes and grasses essential to the ecosystems these horses inhabit? Are these wild horses above federal programs that control other animal populations?

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