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Bull Mountain Ranch, the ultimate sporting and working ranch

Bull Mountain RanchToday, we’d like to feature the Bull Mountain Ranch. Straddling the border of Colorado and Wyoming, this ranch is a prime combination between a hunting property and working ranch.

According to the Billings Gazette, now is an interesting time to raise cattle. Beef prices are at an all time high, and traditional cattle ranchers are aging and contemplating retirement. While some are reluctant to increase their herd size because of the fluctuating economy, some experts believe now is the right time to go after this market.

Bull Mountain Ranch is also an excellent sporting property. Allowing the owner the chance to participate in either state’s landowner licensing program, the ranch offers elk, mule deer, pronghorn, black bear, moose, mountain lion and turkey. Sportsmen can also appreciate 11 miles of border with tens of thousands of acres of national forest and other public land, in addition to the 47 acre Rice Reservoir, the large trout in the 1.3 miles of Spring Creek and 7+ miles of other mountain streams that flow through the property.

As one can see, Bull Mountain Ranch presents a unique opportunity for the diverse sportsman and rancher.

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