Centaur Meadows Ranch – A Wildlife Sanctuary

Centaur_Meadows_Ranch-1Centaur Meadows Ranch is one of those rare ranch properties with a wide variety of contrasting attributes: steep rocky outcroppings countered by lush open meadows. Privacy and seclusion, yet located within thirty miles of downtown Denver. Dramatic, wide-open views of Mount Evans complemented with sheltered, forested home sites. Dense development entitlements balanced by conserved open space.

Because Centaur Meadows is located directly in the “path of progress” between Evergreen and Conifer, most of the surrounding large ranches were sold off and subdivided decades ago. In what is becoming an area dense with housing developments and commercial centers, Centaur’s pristine, undisturbed land has become a sanctuary for area wildlife. The elk and deer that roam the meadows and forests give it the feel of a ranch far removed from civilization, not a property located in a county that boasts a population of over 550,000 people.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife has designated the ranch as a winter, summer, and overall range for both mule deer and elk, and the property is also classified as a “Resident Population Area” for elk. The current owners of the ranch have not hunted the property for decades, so area elk and deer often retreat to Centaur Meadows to safely graze its meadows and bed down in its healthy forests. At 456 acres, the ranch is one of the largest unbroken ranch properties in the area, making it an ideal refuge for wildlife seeking safe, undisturbed habit in the midst of increasing development.

No matter what the plans of a new owner may be, Centaur Meadows’ rural cluster ensures that the property will always have open space for wildlife to live and flourish. And regardless of its future use – a family compound, sportsman’s retreat, or multiple homes – the combination of conserved open space and thoughtfully considered home sites will maintain the integrity of the ranch in perpetuity. Thanks to responsible and forward-looking land planning, elk, deer, and other wildlife will continue to visit Centaur Meadows Ranch, knowing that it offers refuge from the ever-expanding Denver metro area.

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