Cheering the Rockies on

Like the rest of you in the Rocky Mountain region, I watched the Rockies in tears last night. As a Colorado native, and a Rockies fan from the beginning, it was so phenomenal to see them go to the World Series, and while I wasn’t exactly expecting them to win the first game, it was quite unsettling to see them lose like they did in game 1. Well folks, let’s all remember that today is a new day.

Every year since 1995, I’ve been going down to Tucson, Arizona to see the Rockies play in the Cactus League during baseball spring training. It’s something my immediate family started, and now my husband, my brother’s family, aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and occasionally grandparents join us in the festivities. So you could say it’s a bit of a family reunion. We make the drive through New Mexico most years, which is amazing country; so different from Colorado. (One of my favorite stops is in the city of Hatch, where they grow the most delicious green peppers and chilies.) I was thinking about how all these Red Sox fans think that each of the states in the Rocky Mountain region is just another one of those square states out West. Well, I’ve got news for them – each of our “square states” is unique. Even in Colorado, we have multiple terrains that would just take your breathe away. Boston may have their city traditions and culture, but our environment and culture is truly something special. So what if our ball club is only 14 years old? We have a sunset that can’t be beat.

So what are we going to do about the Rockies? Well, at least we can say that we have one of the classiest acts in professional sports – Todd Helton. (You get to closely observe these players down in spring training, and some of them – let’s say some of the more well-known players – don’t treat the kids very well.) Helton signs kids’ baseballs, will pose for pictures with families, and plays most of the spring games – all with a grin on his face.

Win or lose, I know I’m still going to enjoy spring training in 2008. After a winter in Colorado (as enjoyable and beautiful as winters are here), there’s nothing quite as perfect as sitting in Hi Corbett Field on a 78 degree, partly cloudy day, refreshing beverage in hand, watching a Rockies game and hearing them announce that there’s a blizzard back home.

As for you Boston fans – I highly recommend a trip out west to see what we’re all about. Whether you go to a remote fishing site such as Trappers Lake up near Meeker, Colorado (my favorite) or if you go to a resort community such as Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I think you will find it as enjoyable as your Green Monster.

By Mallory Boyce

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