Easement update and elk population control

From around the web today, The Denver Post has an intriguing editorial entitled “Preserve the integrity of land easement program” and the Rocky Mountain News has an update on the task force meeting that took place today regarding the easements.

In other news, “shooters sanctioned by the National Park Service — primarily park staff members but potentially including some volunteers” — will kill up to 200 elk per year in Rocky Mountain National Park.

U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard, R-Colo., and U.S. Rep. Mark Udall, an Eldorado Springs Democrat, both have introduced legislation in Congress that would allow traditional hunters in the park to help manage the elk population and both were hesitant to embrace fully the new plan.

‘Hiring professional sharpshooters seems to violate the essence of the Rocky Mountain hunting experience,’ said Allard’s spokesman Steve Wymer. ‘Our state is home to the best hunters in the country. We should include them in the process.’

Park officials, however, contend that hunting would change the visitor experience in the park and raise safety issues.” Click here to read the article.

Find out more about wildlife habitat enhancement and conservation easements at www.MirrRanchGroup.com.

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