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Expansion of gas drilling in the West

Over the weekend, the Wall Street Journal had an article reviewing the expansion of “drilling for coalbed methane gas over the past decade” in the American West. According to the article:

“The number of active gas wells in the San Juan Basin of New Mexico and Colorado has shot up more than fivefold to about 18,000 from 2,550 in 2001. In Colorado, the number of permits for primarily new gas wells has jumped sevenfold to 7,000 a year from about 1,000 at the beginning of this decade. And in Wyoming’s fabled Powder River Basin — where Buffalo Bill Cody and other Old West legends once rode — the number of gas wells has more than tripled to about 30,000 from about 9,000 eight years ago. Coalbed methane as a whole now accounts for nearly 10% of natural-gas production in the U.S.”

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