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Fielder supports conservation tax credit program

You may have noticed his photographs on our website. And many know him for his books Colorado 1870-2000 and Colorado Then & Now, where he compared his current Colorado photography to photos taken by William Henry Jackson in the nineteenth century. (If you’ve been in a bookstore in Colorado anytime over the past 10 years, you know the books.)

According to the Denver Post, now famed landscape photographer, John Fielder, is working on a new book that will feature 50 “multigenerational, centennial-quality ranches” in Colorado, “about two-thirds of which have conservation easements on them.” His work will show the success and importance of the tax credit “program for preserving Colorado’s ranching heritage.”

“A percentage of sales will go to the Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts, Colorado Open Lands and the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust.”

For more information, read the article.

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