From Ranch Broker Jared Souza: Cowboy Traditions and Conservation

Ranch broker Jared SouzaAs technology and modern gadgets encroach on nearly everything in our lives, it is good to know that there are some things that the iPhone will never be able to invade upon. A tradition so old, so pure, and nearly as important as learning fire itself, the knowledge of handling and domesticating livestock is an important skill. All over the world man has honed these skills over the centuries, but none have built the legacy and perfection of these traits as the American cowboy, specifically the Western cowboy. Though his influences came from a foreign land, he has honed and developed his skills like a surgeon over a lifetime, traditions passed down from generations, some traits so sacred only shared between father and son. Even though the modern cowboy wears many hats to keep up with strict demands of the modern market place, he grips tightly to his traditions, an escape from the modern world. As the last calves are born in the spring, we engage in an activity required by law in most western states – branding (marking our calves to prove ownership). This a time when cowboys get together and showcase their skills to get a very important job done, and when the traditions live on and are handed over to the modern cowboy.

Keeping ranches as ranches and preserving the American West is something that is always talked about at Mirr Ranch Group. We have a common view on the importance of preserving these landscapes. Where these traditions bond production and conservation, where the modern cowboy becomes the steward of the land creating a sanctuary for everything the West has to offer, Mirr Ranch Group is there.

Written by ranch broker, Jared Souza.

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