Giving Back to Our Communities: Why Nonprofits Need Our Help More Than Ever

The latest pandemic has shook a lot of industries and small businesses to their core. Perhaps one of the most affected have been nonprofits.

According to a recent article on MarketWatch, “Most nonprofits can expect to suffer a significant setback for quite some time and some potentially will face organizational failure.” These important organizations will likely be suffering for donations for the following reasons:

  • While we don’t yet know how much economic damage COVID-19 will cause, the rapidity of the decline so far has people concerned about the potential hit to their businesses and personal finances. In turn, they are likely to forego charitable contributions as a way of cutting expenses and preserving capital.
  • When we emerge from this crisis, it’s probably safe to say that most people are also expecting the future to look different. People and businesses may respond with a defensive urge to cut back on their philanthropy. 
  • Social distancing, while necessary to mitigate the health crisis, has already caused massive disruptions to those charitable organizations that rely on events to raise critical funding, including walks, dinners, bike rides, races, open houses, and galas.
  • Governments will be searching for ways to pay for increased expenses, relief, and stimulus plans during this time. It’s highly likely that organizations which have received government support in the past will see those funds slashed.

Nonprofits to Consider Supporting

If it is within your means, we encourage you to give to organizations that speak to you. No idea where to start? Here is a list of nonprofits that we at Mirr Ranch Group endorse and support:

Local Conservation Organizations

The following local organizations do similar land conservation work in specific communities throughout the state and are deserving of your consideration as well.

Organizations that Support the Agricultural Community

These organizations offer important resources for ranchers and their families.

Wildlife Nonprofits

These organizations go to great lengths to conserve, protect, and restore crucial winter and summer ranges, migration corridors, calving grounds and other vital areas, fisheries and their watersheds, while focusing on securing and improving hunter and fishermen access.

Other Organizations We Love

We have a lot of passions here at Mirr Ranch Group, and encourage you to take a look at these other wonderful non-profits.

While we don’t know where this is headed or have control over the outcome, we do have control over who we support during this difficult time. Now is a time to come together. Please reach out if you have questions on how you can give back!

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