Hunting Properties for Sale: 360″ and 330″ Archery Bulls Killed Last Week at Elk Song Ranch

Last week, Bill Barnett and his son killed two beautiful bulls on Elk Song Ranch, one of Mirr Ranch Group’s hunting properties for sale. The story speaks for itself.  These guys only hunted about 500 of the 7,000-acre-plus property. This is the finest elk ranch, in terms of trophy quality and quantity, available on the market today. The price was just lowered to $6,900,000.

Take a look at the photos and read through the email Barnett sent to the Elk Song Ranch owner about his experience hunting the property:



I wanted to send you a personal note of thanks for giving Tony and I the hunting opportunity of a lifetime. From the day we learned we would have the opportunity to hunt on Elk Song Ranch, Tony started reminding me that I could not shoot the first nice bull I see. He said a minimum criteria should be a 340 class bull, and I should remember that I will not want this hunting experience to end quickly. He was certainly right about not wanting this experience to end. In a previous note, I indicated that my perspective of elk hunting has been significantly altered. I have always considered satellite bulls to consist of raghorns and 5 points. On Elk Song Ranch, satellite bulls primarily consist of 6 point bulls, including many 300 class bulls. I had many more opportunities to harvest 6 point bulls this year than I have had in 50+ total years of hunting elk. The numbers of mature bulls on Elk Song is mind boggling. I passed up numerous opportunities to harvest 300 class bulls, albeit sometimes it was at the insistence of my son.  As the hours dwindled on the next to last day of the season, I had a nice 310 7×6 bull withing 20 yards and my son reminded me that there was still 1 1/2 days left to hunt and assured me that I would have an opportunity for a nicer bull. Later that afternoon here he came. A magnificent 360+ 7×6 came for a mud bath.  I can without exaggeration say that this bull is the bull of my dreams. We saw bigger bulls this hunting season, but none could have made me any happier than this bull. Tony and I both ended up harvesting 330+ 7×6 bulls, but the experience was so much more. I saw a herd of about 300 head of elk on the ridge between Rock Creek and Little Rock Creek and we didn’t even hunt these elk because the elk in Sheep Creek would not let us leave.  We saw herds of elk with a dozen 6 point bulls.  We saw several 340-350 class bulls. We had opportunities every day to harvest a mature 6 point bull. We hunted non-aggressively……allowing the elk to come to us rather than disturbing their bedding areas.  We played the wind and still-hunted and stalked several bulls as they bugled their locations to us, always careful to try not to push the animals out of the area. We got to witness the interaction of the animals, including bulls frolicking in afternoon mud orgies.


Whether or not we ever get another opportunity like this again, the memories of this hunting season are vividly imprinted and we will be forever grateful for the experience of a lifetime. The environment you have preserved in this elk wonderland is amazing. Thanks for allowing us to enter your world.


Bill Barnett

Just click on the image to see the full photograph. Keep in mind these photos were taken with cell phone cameras, and are still impressive.

This is one of the most exceptional hunting properties for sale today. Don’t miss out on the Elk Song Ranch opportunity.


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