Join me on a trip to spectacular Torres del Paine Reserve

At Mirr Ranch Group we leverage our deep experience in ranch ownership to enable our clients to buy and sell some of the most spectacular properties in the American West, all while promoting conservation values that will help sustain the region. 

We’re also in the business of imagination: We help you see how becoming a landowner in the West will be a fulfilling opportunity. In part we explain this through conversation, and also with podcasts, photos and videos of western properties on our website.

Sometimes, though, only through seeing can we truly understand. And that’s why I want to encourage you to consider visiting the magnificent landscape at the Torres del Paine Conservation Reserve in Patagonia, where we’re partnering with The Nature Conservancy and Explora to create an investment opportunity that also helps conserve this precious spot. And their conservation aim is high, with a goal to save a million hectares over time.

Haley and I had the pleasure of making the trip with the help of the great folks at Explora, who combine the exploration of the world’s most important destinations with a focus on conservation. At the same time, they deliver on that dual promise with hospitality service second to none. So today let me take you to Torres del Paine, where we recently traveled, to help you understand why a visit is a must.

Getting there: It’s important to start with the understanding that while this trip is well worth the time, it is a long haul. Wherever you start from, your goal is to reach Santiago, Chile, from where you fly four hours to Puerto Natales. That’s where the Explora team picked us up, with drinks and snacks aplenty, for the gorgeous 90-minute drive to the final destination. While aspects of the terrain might remind of the intermountain West, there are signs everywhere that you’re far from home.

Wondering when to visit? Thanksgiving represents the end of Spring down there, so the months that follow are prime time for visiting, although it is accessible year round. (Learn more about traveling on your own in South America on our website.)

Accommodations: We started our visit in the Lodge operated by Explora in the Torres Del Paine National Park. In addition to stunning views in virtually every direction, the lodge offers amenities such as a spa and riding stables. The park encompasses nearly 450,000 acres of glaciers, forests, lakes and rivers. Its focal point, though, is the geological wonder known as Torres del Paine, which translates to “Towers of Blue,” a reference to its gray-blue granite, and perhaps also the blue sky surrounding it on many days. Explora is a leader in world-class amenities, which is clear the moment you arrive at this property.

From there we moved on to the Torres del Paine Conservation Reserve. It’s a lovely 40-minute drive, largely through the park, during which we stopped for a hike that took us into a cave with ancient wall paintings. Wildlife viewing is abundant: On the drive we saw many flamingoes and guanacos, which are close relatives of llamas. Explora and The Nature Conservancy are working to conserve the land at the Reserve, which for years saw the burning of its forests to make way for ranching.

Once there, you can combine real estate research (explore the 30 lots available for sale, each with a view of Torres del Paine) with adventure on its 14,800 acres and the nearby park. On our visit we stayed in the Stables (whose comfort far outshines whatever image its name might suggest) and dined at the nearby Quincho. By the end of this year, Explora expects to open the Lodge at the Reserve, which will offer even more splendid accommodations. No matter where you stay, the service is top-flight.

What You’ll Do: The emphasis in Patagonia is getting outside and Explora’s more than 600 on-site hotel workers, guides and gauchos are experts in enabling that experience. They sat down with us each night to discuss our interests. Did we want to hike? They had several options for all ages and abilities. Did we want to get on the water? They had boat trips and fishing destinations. Or you can consider horseback riding and mountaineering. The hikes we took were truly incredible. And because it’s so remote, you can move around efficiently. For example, you could go cruise the nearby fjords and be back for dinner. If you’re interested in what a trip to the reserve is truly like, check out Explora’s Trip Itinerary.

The Opportunity: The 30 lots available for purchase, each with a view of Torres del Paine, are situated in a way that they seem to be the only sites in the area. The purchase of a lot includes access to the experiences and amenities offered onsite by Explora that we’ve already discussed. In addition, you become a member of the Echo Society, which grants access to other spectacular destinations in South America managed by Explora.

When you are ready to build, Explora connects you with qualified architects and builders and also can help navigate the process of investing in Chile, including the impact of taxes. Can’t be there as often as you would like? There’s a program that enables you to rent your home to others. Given the level of service we witnessed, ownership at the Reserve is as close to “plug and play” as it gets whether you are there or not.

During our visit we met people from around the world, as well as Chileans. Because of the remote location, however, you’re spared the huge crowds you might see in one of our national parks. At the Preserve you’re among like-minded people who want to explore and be part of a conservation project that protects one of the most important biospheres in the world.

Interested in visiting this incredible destination to consider an investment that doubles as conservation? Contact us at Mirr Ranch Group at 303-623-4545 or reach us at

Learn more about the project by visiting the Torres Del Paine Reserve informational page on our website, take a closer look at the 30 parcels being offered, and listen to the podcast of my conversation with Haley about our visit.

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