A Letter from Ken Mirr

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Dear Friends, Family, and Clients,

We all have been stunned by the swift impacts created by the COVID-19 pandemic.  From economic uncertainty to impacts on healthcare and the wellbeing of our families and friends, our daily lives have been upturned.

At MRG, we have always sought that balance between work and family and this will continue. Given our technology, we are already well equipped to work from home and our office is self-contained and we can utilize this when necessary.  I am at my desk while writing. Our marketing and operations department is still working full-time, deadlines will be met, and negotiations and tours will continue. We have several properties under contract, and right now we are working with title companies, county clerk and recorders, and banks to close transactions and hopefully there will be limited impact on these services. Now more than ever, we recognize the value of land and its rock steady performance compared to the equity markets. 

I am a father and a son, with parents in their 80s dealing with health issues and children asking what do we do.  I am an optimist and find strength in bonds with family, friends, and community.  As citizens of this great big globe, we realize we are all uniquely connected and we need to be supportive. Follow the Golden Rule, be good citizens, support one another, and enjoy each day.

We are here!

Yours truly,

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