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Ranch Brokers Hunting Ranch Brokers Hunting Ranch Brokers HuntingWell winter is in full swing for us here in Denver, but that doesn’t mean things cool down much for the ranch brokers at Mirr Ranch Group. We’ve had a busy start to 2014 so far. Many of us have been on the road, or have had our noses to the grindstone in the office.  Earlier this week we collectively came up for air. Coming together to enjoy the great outdoors and have some good old-fashioned fun, we ventured out for an upland bird hunt along the Bijou creeks east of Denver.

This season in Colorado has been interesting with weather changing from blizzards and sub-zero temperatures one week, to bluebird skies and sixty-degree days the next. On Tuesday we were lucky enough to have a warm day for our outing. We got an early start and arrived at The Bluffs for breakfast and coffee. The Bluffs is a private wing-shooting preserve about 45 minutes east of Denver that specializes in upland game hunts for pheasant, chuckar, huns, and the occasional quail.

After a leisurely breakfast in the lodge we broke into two groups and headed out to the fields. It was hard to believe we were so close to the city. Walking the rolling plains and cottonwood creek bottoms was a wonderful way to relax and catch up with each other.  It didn’t take long however for our competitive sides to come out as the kill counts began to grow. As the morning progressed our vests became heavy with ring-necked roosters and perished partridges.

The great thing about hunting upland birds is before you know it you have walked many miles and covered some beautiful terrain, all while watching and aweing at the talent of the feverish pointing dogs. By the time lunchtime rolled around we had worked up a sweat. We rendezvoused back at the lodge to tell the tales of the morning and feast on southwestern style chili and tacos.

Looking back at the day, it was so much more than a day of hunting. It was a good reminder of why we are so committed to the work we do here, what we aim to accomplish as a group, and the common values that we share. Connecting to the landscape and enjoying the sporting opportunity it offers keeps us driven to protect its legacy and share it with others who appreciate its grandeur.

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