Mirr Ranch Group Markets Ranches and Sporting Properties in South America

Mirr Ranch Group, long known for their extensive knowledge of ranch real estate transactions in the western United States, is extending its marketing and buyer acquisition services to the Patagonia region of South America.

“Our brokers have been working in the area for decades and are experts in the full spectrum of land transactions in Chile and Argentina. We have brokered the purchase and sale of thousands of acres of land in South America, so this really is a natural expansion for us,” explained Mirr Ranch Group Owner/Broker, Ken Mirr.

Mirr has joined forces with Patagonia specialist Jeff Wells to market and tour properties. Wells has been working in the area for several years, and is a Chilean and Argentine land owner himself. Together, Mirr and Wells understand the investment potential of the region.

“Visiting fundos and estancias in Patagonia is like turning a page back in time. Many areas are untouched, and the beauty and fly-fishing is unparalleled. The area offers value as well, with many recreational properties and farms priced well below comparable properties in the U.S. Investment in Chile is particularly intriguing with sound foreign investment laws and stability,” added Mirr.

Fundo Los Leones | South American Ranches for Sale

Fundo Los Leones, a 1,700 +/- acre ranch in the Aisén Province of Chile, is the first Chilean property Mirr Ranch Group is marketing. Previously owned by well-known conservationists Douglas Tompkins, co-founder of The North Face and ESPRIT, and his wife, Kristine Tompkins, former CEO of Patagonia, Inc., this fundo is located on a secluded peninsula created by the River Palena and the Pitipalena Fjord as they meet the Pacific Ocean. Los Leones provides eco-tourism and recreational opportunities such as boating, yachting and fly-fishing. It is also home to a landing strip, allowing for easy access on charter flights from Puerto Montt, a little less than an hour away.

According to Wells, “Los Leones is a place where the reality exceeds the hype. There is no place in the world that hosts a marine park and million acre national forest, surrounded by river, fjord and the ocean, that is as clean, accessible and virtually untouched and untamed.”

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