MRG News – January 23, 2020

Today, we’re featuring the productive grasslands of southeastern Colorado. With incredible agricultural values, there is plenty of opportunity in this area of the state to run a profitable and sustainable operation. Be sure to check out the Red Top Ranch and BX Ranch.

Plus, be sure to scroll to the end, where we recap the top most unique ranch deals of the past decade. Let’s begin.

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Southeast Colorado Agricultural Ranches

Red Top Ranch near Pueblo, Colorado

Red Top Ranch

One of the Largest and Best Known Cattle Ranches in Colorado

With 69,126 deeded acres, Red Top Ranch represents one of the largest and best known operating cattle ranches in Colorado. Conveniently located near the I-25 corridor and the Front Range, and situated just southeast of Pueblo, the ranch is in close proximity to the Front Range and cattle markets. Lying in the Great Plains and Central Shortgrass Prairie Ecoregion, the ranch is recognized nationally for its significant ecological grasslands with its flat to rolling prairie, mesas, sandstone breaks, and sculpted canyons. It is also a repository of fascinating geologic, archaeological and historic heritage sites including prehistoric rock art, and pioneer homesteads. With a cattle operation rated for 1,200 cow/calf pairs, the property offers extensive water infrastructure and important natural habitat for big game, birds, and plants.

BX Ranch in Avondale, Colorado

BX Ranch

Central Shortgrass Prairie Cattle Ranch – A Regenerative Agricultural Success Story

A spectacularly sited expanse of shortgrass prairie located east of Pueblo, CO, the 26,018 total acre BX Ranch is one of Colorado’s great land conservation and regenerative agricultural success stories. Situated just south of the confluence of the Arkansas and Huerfano Rivers and identified by State wildlife officials as crucial shortgrass prairie habitat, the ranch was rescued from decades of over grazing and abuse and given more than a full year of rest.  With help from the Savory Institute, the current landowners made significant capital improvements, installing state-of-the-art short-rotation grazing infrastructure, including miles of new electric interior paddock fencing and extensive waterlines servicing new stock tanks and ponds. The improvements allow for a much more productive and healthy grazing regimen which has lead to the robust return of native grasses and a diversity and density of herbaceous cover. Given the increased vegetation, the ranch is more drought tolerant, and boasts more than double the per-acre carrying capacity of other area ranches. As a large, healthy, and productive expanse of native prairie grass land, the BX is an excellent long-term agricultural investment.

This past decade, Mirr Ranch Group had the opportunity to be involved in the sales of some of the greatest and most unique luxury ranches in the American West. Read about our favorite legacy ranch sales over the past ten years.

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