MRG News: October 15, 2019

What a busy time of year! Here’s what’s happening at Mirr Ranch Group so far this week:

  • NEW: The BX Ranch is now on the market. A spectacular expanse of shortgrass prairie located east of Pueblo, Colorado, the 26,018 acre BX Ranch is one of the great land conservation and regenerative agricultural success stories in the country. 
  • SOLD: We are pleased to announce the sale of the Snowy Range Arena and the adjoining Snowy Range Grass and Production Farm near Laramie, Wyoming. Congrats to Jared Souza on the sales!
  • The brochure is now available for Burnt River Ranch, a gentleman’s ranch near Pueblo, Colorado.
  • Haley Mirr was on the Gore Canyon Ranch this month and took some gorgeous photography of the changing seasons. Take a look at the fall images and see some amazing video of animals sauntering through the property!
  • It may not have the recognition of its counterparts in the northern and western parts of the state, but southeastern Wyoming may be where you want to be looking. We’ll walk you through the top 5 reasons you should consider this sometimes overlooked area. 

Read on for more info!

BX Ranch in Pueblo County, Colorado

New: BX Ranch

Central Shortgrass Prairie Cattle Ranch – A Regenerative Agricultural Success Story

A spectacularly sited expanse of shortgrass prairie located east of Pueblo, CO, the 26,018 acre BX Ranch is one of the great land conservation and regenerative agricultural success stories in the country. Over the past five years the current landowners have made significant capital improvements, installing state-of-the-art holistic short-rotation grazing infrastructure, including miles of new permanent electric interior paddock fencing and extensive waterlines servicing new stock tanks and ponds to set the stage for marked improvements in range production.

Snowy Range Arena
Snowy Range Grass & Production Farm

SOLD: Snowy Range Arena &
Snowy Range Grass & Production Farm

Ample Water, Hay Meadows, Pasture, & One of the Nicest Horse Facilities in Wyoming

These adjoining Snowy Range properties are 22 miles west of Laramie, Wyoming, and offer a 42,154 square foot indoor arena, historic water rights to irrigate hay meadows, and pasture fencing. Averaging 2.5 tons/acre of hay annually, the property has everything you need for a breeding, training, boarding, and foaling facility. Congrats to Jared on the sale!

The charming views at Burnt River Ranch

Brochure Now Available: Burnt River Ranch

Comfort, Tranquility, & Privacy Conveniently Located Near Pueblo with Numerous Springs, Canyons, Ponds, Grasslands, Mountain Views, and Hunting

560 acres of comfort, tranquility, and privacy best describe the Burnt River Ranch, which boasts numerous springs, canyons, ponds, grasslands, mountain views, hunting opportunities, and a wonderful family ranch home conveniently located within 25 minutes of Pueblo. The Burnt River Ranch has all the desired elements for the discriminating owner who seeks the rural Colorado lifestyle, while also being near great amenities.

The changing aspens at Gore Canyon Ranch

Gore Canyon Ranch Hunting and Fall Recreation Opportunities

 The Illuminating Fall Colors Mean One Thing – the Rocky Mountain Hunting Season

Gore Canyon Ranch is part of the Grand River Ranch, which encompasses 19,000 acres of high alpine terrain, and access to thousands of acres of public land in Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest and surrounding BLM ground. In addition to incredible elk and deer hunting, the area is also known for harvesting bighorn sheep. Check out the beautiful fall photos, view game cam videos, and learn more about hunting in the area.

Southeastern Wyoming ranches may not be as famous as its glitzy counterparts to the north and west in the state, but to the ranchers, farmers, and sportsmen that work and live there, it’s one of the West’s best kept secrets. This quarter of Wyoming spans 15,525  square miles and consists of five counties: Albany, Platte, Goshen, Laramie, and Converse. We sat down with our local ranch broker in the area, Jared Souza, to answer the question, why should you buy a ranch in this corner of Wyoming?

To recap the week:

Thanks for reading!

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