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New Plan for White River National Forest

Sunlight Ranch | Colorado ranch for saleAccording to the Aspen Times today, a new Travel Management Plan (TMP) has been completed for the White River National Forest in Colorado. A TMP is a comprehensive document which determines what routes forest users can use and is an essential part of the management done by the National Forest Service. Under the new plan:

  • 1,410 miles of roads will be open to licensed vehicles.
  • 1,613 miles of roads and trails will be opened for licensed motorcycles and 1,066 miles will be opened to unlicensed motorcycles.
  • 1,023 miles are open to all-terrain vehicles (ATVs).
  • 2,172 miles of roads and trails are open to bicycles.
  • 3,373 miles are open to equestrians and 3,592 miles of routes are open to hikers. (The White River National Forest is considered “open use” for hikers and equestrians, so they can stray off established routes. Vehicles and bicycles cannot travel cross-country, off designated routes.)

In addition, the plan will close 692 miles of “bandit” routes and decommission another 519 miles of roads and trails that are currently open.

Photo above: Sunlight Ranch, the largest Colorado ranch for sale in the Roaring Fork Valley, adjoins the White River National Forest.

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