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We work and partner with organizations that are constantly doing good and giving back to the community. As stewards of the land, you will love hearing about their latest projects and will undoubtedly use some of the tools they have created that will help landowners.

Let us introduce: Western Landowners Alliance

This week we are looking at some recent updates from Western Landowners Alliance (WLA). The organization was “founded and led by landowners dedicated to the health and prosperity of working lands in the American West.” You can learn more about WLA here.

Become a WLA Member for Free

A WLA Membership is now free and comes with their regular “Western Digest” newsletter as a benefit. This WLA news platform is a great resource for those interested in recent stories and policies concerning:

  • WLA
  • Policy
  • Wildlife
  • Economy
  • Water
  • On the Range
  • Forest and Fire
  • Opportunities

Other Membership Benefits

When you sign up, you will also receive helpful stewardship resources to educate landowners on different practices other ranchers around the west have been implementing successfully.

Here are just a few:

Members also receive invitations to their stewardship tours and other events, and your membership helps WLA grow its power and reach, as well its voice for stewardship in the American West.

Check back in next week for more updates, and be sure to subscribe and donate to WLA today!

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