Patagonia: Significant Price Reduction on Sea Farm Within Newly Designated Protected Area

The price for Fundo Los Leones, a 1,700 +/- acre Chilean farm for sale in the Aysén Region, is reduced nearly 25% to $2,950,000. This sea farm offers 6 miles of private shoreline along the spectacular Pitipalena Fjord and 5 miles of the Palena River as it flows in to the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the newly designated Pitipalena Coastal Marine Protected Area, assuring the pristine nature of the property and area for generations to come.

“This beautiful, pastoral farm is essentially an island, featuring cozy seaside cabins within one of the most bio-diverse marine areas in the world,” explains ranch broker Ken Mirr.

Fundo Los Leones | Chilean farms for sale

Previously marketed for $3,900,000, Fundo Los Leones is home to three species of whale, 12 species of dolphin, as well as otters, sea lions, birds, sea urchins, mussels and sea anemones. Due to this ecological significance, the Chilean government recently designated the area as the Pitipalena Coastal Marine Protected Area. According to the World Wildlife Fund, this protected land and the adjoining Tic-Toc Marine Park will conserve the biodiversity and unique features of the marine ecosystem of Chile’s channels and fjords. The refuge will protect marine habitats from commercial exploitation while still allowing artisan sustainable fisheries and recreational activities.

The property has a long-standing tradition of conservation as it was previously owned by well-known conservationists Douglas Tompkins, co-founder of The North Face and ESPRIT, and his wife, Kristine Tompkins, former CEO of Patagonia, Inc.

Fundo Los Leones | Farms for sale in Chile

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