Ranch Broker Q&A: Daniel Carter

Welcome to our ranch broker question and answer series. Each month, we feature one of Mirr Ranch Group’s knowledgeable and experienced brokers.

This month, we’re showcasing one of our Senior Vice Presidents, Daniel Carter. With first-hand knowledge of sporting & fly-fishing property values, he also focuses on conservation properties and unique operational ranches. As a pilot, he can frequently be found flying around the Western US.

Read on to find out more about Daniel, his connection to the land, his family’s legacy in real estate, and how he knew ranch real estate was his calling.

All About Colorado and Montana Ranch Broker: Daniel Carter

Q: Why did you get involved with ranch brokerage?

A: Multiple generations of my family have been in the real estate business on the development and commercial side. That work lacked a meaningful purpose for me, and I knew at a young age that I wanted to do something different.

I began my career in the marketing and advertising world, but eventually, I found that real estate is in my blood and that I just had to make it my own. Growing up in Montana and living in Colorado the wild landscapes and natural resources of the intermountain West became very important to me.

By blending my passion for the land with my roots in real estate, I found something I am deeply connected to and truly passionate about. Ranches are such a unique real estate asset and offer all kinds of different challenges and opportunities from a business perspective and being a broker allows me to see all different facets. Each property, client, and transaction have their own identity and facilitating each deal requires unique skill and care. All of that is very rewarding for me.

Q: When did you know that ranch brokerage was your calling?

A: After I closed my first deal, which just happened to be called “Carter Creek Ranch.” I took that as a sign that I was in the right place!

Q: How has Mirr Ranch Group upped your real estate game?

A: Over the years I have found that in brokerage (as in many businesses) it’s all about relationships. I truly believe our team and network are the best and together can provide a superior level of value. Additionally, MRG provides a best in class marketing platform to present top tier ranches and attract the highest quality clients. These things together make us very strong and competitive. 

Q: What’s your favorite part of the job?

A: I enjoy helping people find a connection to the land. I know this may sound cliche, but ultimately those connections are what make my job meaningful long after closing day has come and gone. If I can reveal a new perspective for someone about how they view land as a living and breathing investment or uncover an affinity for a certain landscape, that is very satisfying.

Q: What’s unique about the type of properties you enjoy marketing?

A: I of course have my specialty in fly-fishing oriented properties, but really I enjoy working on all kinds of sporting properties. Over the years I have successfully transacted deals on all kinds of properties and enjoy the differences that each one brings. But the sporting components are especially fun for me as this is the lifestyle I really enjoy personally.

Q: What about your background makes you a better ranch broker?

A: Growing up in Montana was definitely a huge driving force in why I am here today. Those early experiences in the mountains, rivers, and prairies shaped my values and ambitions. I also came up under some of the best in the ranch brokerage business, which I will always be grateful for. I also feel fortunate to have real estate in my DNA. I think there is a certain mix of character traits that are necessary to be successful in real estate, and while some of that can be picked up and learned over time, there is a large part that is just innate in the personality.

Q: Where can we find you when you’re not working?

A: Likely I am out fly-fishing a river or saltwater flat, chasing bird dogs, or flying the wild and remote backcountry of the west. And hopefully, I’m doing one of these activities with my family or friends.

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