Ranch Broker Q&A: Jeff Hubbard

Welcome to our ranch broker question and answer series. Each month, we feature one of Mirr Ranch Group’s knowledgeable and experienced brokers.

This month, we’re showcasing one of our Senior Vice Presidents, Jeff Hubbard. Jeff has brokered over $500 million in ranch real estate since joining Mirr Ranch Group in 2005 and with the help of his partner, Pat Lancaster, is consistently one of the top producers in the industry.

Read on to find out more about Jeff, his path as a ranch broker, and his most memorable transaction.

All About Ranch Real Estate Expert: Jeff Hubbard

Q: Why did you get involved with ranch brokerage?

A: After college, I was a hunting guide and outfitter for five years, and then I decided to go back and get an MBA. And after getting the MBA, I worked in the commercial real estate business for three years. One of my really good client friends is an investor in Mirr Ranch Group, and knowing me and knowing my background with both the hunting and the real estate experience thought that I should consider looking into ranch brokerage. And I did and met with Ken and the rest is history.

Q: When did you know that ranch brokerage was your calling?

A: I wasn’t convinced that I wanted to be a commercial real estate broker for the rest of my life, and my wife, Jenny, is from Denver. Her parents are young and live here and we had one infant with another child on the way at the time. It was a life decision, and things came together between family and long-term goals. Where we wanted to live and the opportunity with Mirr Ranch Group was a perfect storm of things coming together. 

It was a lot of risk on my part because I left a very good career in commercial real estate. I had to sort of start over, but I had confidence considering my background, things that I liked to do, and my personality that this would work. I’m thrilled with my decision back then.

Q: How has Mirr Ranch Group upped your real estate game?

A. This is subjective, but just the way things look on the website, the smart, skillful way that we are able to deliver our products to the market. Frankly, you can argue with me, but I just think it’s better than others. I mean, ultimately the prospective client chooses the guy, but it’s nice to go in armed with very impressive systems and marketing capabilities. And I have a lot of confidence that ours is the best, so it makes my job easier.

Q: What is your most memorable transaction?

A: Representing the seller in Cielo Vista Ranch was definitely the most memorable. Mainly because of the size, the scope, and the nature of the property itself. It was a 100 million dollar ranch, 86,000 acres with eighteen 13,000-foot peaks on it, one 14,000 foot peak on it, which is the only privately owned 14,000-foot peak in North America, probably the world.

It’s an infamous property because of the land rights that were granted in the 1800s to the folks who lived adjacent to the ranch, and the court case that allows them to use the ranch went all the way to the United States Supreme Court during the seller’s ownership, where they were able to retain some limited rights on the ranch. That presented some major challenges to marketing the property.

It’s certainly not a “clean property,” but probably the most, all inspiring impressive piece of deeded land in the lower 48, North America, and possibly frankly, the world. And that reality help offset a lot of the challenges. It also was the largest ranchland deal in North America that year. It was not easy, but good for our position in the space and our reputation, and it’s something I’m really proud of.

Q: What is unique about the type of properties you enjoy marketing?

A: I like to feel like I have adapted to helping folks sell all kinds of properties, but it’s no secret my niche, or my number one strike zone if you will, is hunting properties. I have a background in hunting, and I’ve been hunting my whole life. I have a passion for it. I’m going hunting right now as we do this interview and taking my children on a youth turkey hunt. I like to fish, but I don’t feel like I’m an expert in fishing. I don’t feel like I am a conservation expert. I don’t feel like a cattle or farm expert, but I am a hunting expert. My partner, Pat, is a hunting expert as well. I’m dangerous at the other stuff. I can do it well, but this is really what I’m best at.

Q: Where can we find you when you’re not working?

A: Hunting, fishing, or playing golf.

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