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Ranch Broker Essential Characteristic #6: Passion for the American West

When hiring a ranch broker to facilitate the sale of a Rocky Mountain Ranch for Sale, it is important that the broker be experienced and educated, have a deep understanding of the issues and ranch values, and have a strong … Continued

Ranch Broker Essential Characteristic #5: Professional Network

The purchase or sale of a Rocky Mountain Ranch can be an enormously complex process with many moving parts.  While an experienced and educated ranch broker can solve most issues that arise, there are times that it is necessary to … Continued

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Ranch Broker Essential Characteristic #4: Understanding of Ranch Values

Assuming a ranch broker is experienced, educated, and has a deep understanding of the issues related to ranch ownership, the next most important characteristic is having a thorough Understanding of Ranch Values.  Knowing what a ranch is worth and making informed … Continued

Ranch Broker Essential Characteristic #3: Understanding of the Issues

As discussed in the first two parts of our ongoing series, it is extremely important that ranch buyers and sellers evaluate ranch brokers based on their experience and their education.  Extensive, proven experience and a commitment to ongoing education are … Continued

Ranch Broker Essential Characteristic #2: Education

As discussed in my previous posts, the sale or purchase of a legacy ranch is a complex and high-stakes process that concludes with millions of dollars changing hands.  Because of the significant size of the typical ranch investment, as well … Continued

Ranch Broker Essential Characteristic #1 – Experience

In the ranch brokerage business, as in any profession, there is no substitute for experience gained through focused, consistent, hard work.  No two ranches are alike and every ranch deal is different; so it is vitally important that brokers have … Continued

Hiring a Ranch Broker? Look For These 6 Essential Characteristics

Whether you are buying or selling a ranch for sale, the sales process can be a complicated and lengthy affair, usually involving multiple stakeholders, lots of moving parts, and millions of dollars.  For owners of legacy ranches throughout the American … Continued

Landowner Hunting Preference on Colorado Ranches for Sale

One of the top reasons that Mirr Ranch Group clients desire to purchase Colorado Ranches for Sale is to enjoy big game hunting for elk, deer, or pronghorn on their own private land.  As Colorado’s population grows, the number of … Continued

Orvis-Endorsed Guides Choose Fly-Fishing Ranch for Sale, Three Creek Ranch

For fly-fishing enthusiasts looking for a moderately priced fly-fishing ranch for sale, there is no better value in northern Colorado than the Three Creek Ranch. Located just 45 minutes north of Winter Park, the ranch boasts over 1.25 miles of … Continued

How-To: Researching BLM Master Title Plats

At Mirr Ranch Group, we spend an enormous amount of time deep in the due diligence process, taking special care to understand any issues that may affect our clients and their ranches for sale.  The list of issues that we … Continued

Colorado Ranchers Expect Good Runoff from 2014 Snowmelt

As mentioned in a Denver Post article recently, water managers are preparing for an above average runoff from this year’s snowmelt. After a multi-year drought in the western U.S., owners of our Colorado ranches for sale are happy to see … Continued

2014 Farm Bill: Its Effect on Ranches for Sale and Conservation

Over a year ago, I wrote a blog post about the ongoing congressional battles related to the Farm Bill and how those fights affected ranches for sale.  At that point, the passing of a new Farm Bill had already been … Continued

Mirr Ranch Group Markets Ranches and Sporting Properties in South America

Mirr Ranch Group, long known for their extensive knowledge of ranch real estate transactions in the western United States, is extending its marketing and buyer acquisition services to the Patagonia region of South America. “Our brokers have been working in … Continued

Colorado Ranches for Sale Case Study – Jensen Ranch

Late last week, we closed the sale of the Jensen Ranch, a 174-acre National Forest inholding located near Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.  The following is a description of the property and our customized marketing strategy that led to the sale. … Continued

The Importance of Grazing on Ranches for Sale

Given the variety of outdoor recreation that can be enjoyed on Rocky Mountain ranches for sale, it can be easy to overlook the fact that true ranching – the actual process of grazing livestock on land – can be one … Continued

Ranch Marketing Tools, Part 1: Mapping

Ten years ago, if you asked any run-of-the-mill ranch brokerage how they went about ranch marketing, their answer would be fairly simple: place a few print advertisements in farm and ranch magazines, have the property listed on a very basic … Continued

What is a Colorado Conservation Tax Credit?

As ranch brokers assisting buyers and sellers of Colorado ranches for sale, we are commonly asked to explain the basics of Colorado’s conservation tax credit program.  For conservation-minded investors and landowners, Colorado’s tax credit system can provide a practical method … Continued

Wildlife on Ranches for Sale in Colorado – A Useful Research Tool

Whether you are a committed big game hunter, a wildlife photographer, or simply a nature enthusiast, understanding a property’s wildlife population is an important issue to consider when searching for ranches for sale in Colorado.  Elk, deer, sheep, moose, and … Continued

Bark Beetles & Forest Fires – A Common Misconception

One of the major ecological issues facing the Rocky Mountain Region, particularly for buyers and sellers of working and recreational ranches, is the current beetle infestation that is taking place in many large forests throughout the west.  As anyone familiar … Continued

Insure Your Property Against Drought

This article is written by Jen Livsey, a Pasture Insurance Specialist for Texas AgFinance, about insuring your ranch  against drought. A graduate of the masters program at the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, Jen is an expert in all … Continued

The US Farm Bill – Current Status & Potential Impact on Conservation Properties

Ranch broker Ed Roberson offers a brief overview of the current status of the Farm Bill and its effect on conservation properties in this blog entry.  In future posts, we will be addressing some of the more detailed aspects of … Continued

Case Study: Conservation Properties

Ranch broker Ed Roberson, and author of ranch and conservation blog, Mountain and Prairie, explains his experiences with conservation properties and conservation easements. In this case study, he specifically uses Colorado ranch for sale, The Preserve, as an example of … Continued

Conservation Properties for Sale: Update on Conservation Easements & Colorado Land

Conservation properties for sale are tracts of land on the market that have conservation values. These types of properties often utilize a conservation easement. In this blog, we will define a conservation easement, and explain its impact on Colorado land. … Continued

Mirr Ranch Group, Ken Mirr in the Wall Street Journal

Ken Mirr was quoted in the Wall Street Journal this week in regards to Mirr Ranch Group’s efforts in finding a conservation buyer for the Mantle Ranch, an in-holding in Dinosaur National Monument. Right now federal land managers are concerned … Continued

From Ranch Broker Jared Souza: Cowboy Traditions and Conservation

As technology and modern gadgets encroach on nearly everything in our lives, it is good to know that there are some things that the iPhone will never be able to invade upon. A tradition so old, so pure, and nearly … Continued

Ranch Broker Ken Mirr Visits T. Boone Pickens’ Ranch

Ranch broker Ken Mirr was invited to tour T. Boone Pickens’ Mesa Vista Ranch near Amarillo, Texas this past weekend. He took some great photos and was able to discuss the ranch real estate market with Mr. Pickens, other premiere … Continued

Mirr Ranch Group Named One of America’s Best Brokerages

Mirr Ranch Group is pleased to announce we have been named one of America’s Best Brokerages in the Spring 2012 issue of The Land Report. Selected by the editors of the prestigious land-owning magazine, Mirr Ranch Group was called out … Continued

Colorado Ranches for Sale: Critical Issues to Not Overlook, Part 3

In our last two Colorado ranches for sale articles we discussed critical issues that buyers and sellers should not overlook. The four issues we focused on were: (1) location and access, (2) leases and permits, (3) Water, and (4) mineral … Continued

Colorado Ranches for Sale: Critical Issues to Not Overlook, Part 2

In our last Colorado ranches for sale article we discussed critical issues that buyers and sellers should not overlook. The two issues we focused on were location and access, as well as leases and permits. While these issue are critical, … Continued

Colorado Ranches for Sale: Critical Issues to Not Overlook, Part 1

When considering Colorado ranches for sale, it’s critical to understand the purchase of a farm or ranch involves issues that are not typically confronted by the buyer of a residential, commercial or just about any other type of property. Particularly … Continued