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Farm bill clerical error discovered

The farm bill was vetoed by President G.W. Bush this week, and the House voted to override the veto within hours. However, a clerical error was discovered, and the bill will have to be passed by the House again, and … Continued

Sage grouse study could affect grazing & drillling in Wyoming

The Casper Star-Tribune is reporting that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has warned Powder River Basin land users that a sage grouse study will affect drilling and grazing in the area. “Grazing, along with oil and gas development, could … Continued

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Patagonia region featured on Today

NBC’s Today Show kicked off its annual “Where in the world is Matt Lauer?” segment this week, and Lauer started off in the majestic city of Buenos Aires. The Patagonia region was featured as part of Monday’s show, showcasing the … Continued

The better investment – Real estate

Everyone’s heard the buzz in the news – is the U.S. in a recession? While MRG is not at liberty to say if that is 100 percent true or not, we do feel it’s safe to say that there are … Continued

Crop prices rise, farmers elect to farm land

The American Farm Bureau is reporting the results of a Department of Agriculture survey of farmer’s planting intentions for 2008. According to the report, “U.S. farmers are expected to plant about 18 percent more soybeans this year, while their corn … Continued

SE Colorado ranchers fight eminent domain

It’s been going on for a few years now. In 2005, the U.S. Army announced plans to expand the Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site, (located between Trinidad and La Junta, Colorado), “by 418,000 acres, with the potential for expanding the site … Continued

Conservation tax credit update and life of the Deckers

From around the web, here’s the latest news on conservation tax credits in Colorado: “Ranchers worry about future of conservation tax credit,” KUNC 91.5 FM Radio Broadcast “Columnist: Transparency welcome on open space tax credits,” Vail Daily, by Cindy Cohegan, … Continued

The Best of the Southwest

The latest issue of National Geographic Adventure Magazine highlights “The Best of the Southwest.” When you review the magazine, be sure to check out the following articles: “Wild Heart of the West: The Four-Corners Region” – Talks about “the sweetest” … Continued

Recreational fees on the rise

Of interest, a New York Times article published this morning, entitled “Recreation fees rising in wake of forest fires’ costs,” discusses the increase in recreation fees charged by the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management in the western US … Continued

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo next week

The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo runs next week – March 14-16, 2008 at the National Western Complex in Denver. Of interest, the Working Ranch Cowboys Association holds their inaugural rodeo on March 15th. For more information, visit: “Variety takes spotlight … Continued

La Mancha Retreat is House of the Week in WSJ

La Mancha Retreat, an estate for sale in Buena Vista, Colorado, is House of the Week in today’s Wall Street Journal. Check it out, and please contact Tommy Latousek if you have any questions or would like to schedule a … Continued

New conservation legislation around the corner

We apologize for the absence during the past week. Mirr Ranch Group has been busy helping Colorado Coalition of Land Trusts prepare for the organization’s annual policy conference, A New Era of Conservation. This year’s conference is of utmost importance … Continued

Buyers looking for hunting properties

According to a recent poll by, 37% of land buyers are looking for hunting and recreational land. 21% were looking for retirement homesites, and 17% of land buyers are looking for an “income producing property such as a farm, … Continued

Farmland, a lucrative investment

“As home prices continue to slide nationwide, the value of farmland is setting records,” according to an article in USA Today. And experts are predicting that farmland will continue to appreciate by 6-12% over the next 3 years! This is … Continued

The future of water in the West

This month’s National Geographic has an interesting article entitled “Drying of the West.” The author takes an in-depth look at the long-term water situation in the western United States, narrowing in on the Colorado River, which “supplies 30 million people … Continued

Land ownership during recession explains the ups and downs of owning land during a recession. The good news? Land will “weather a recession better than stocks and many other investment alternatives.” Contact Mirr Ranch Group today to find out more about investment properties. … Continued

Wildlife, an asset to your ranch

Some ranchers look at wildlife as a liability and as an obstacle to maximizing economic efficiency on their ranch. In some cases, wildlife can compete with livestock for forage, cause damage to haystacks and fences, and provide challenges for the … Continued

Horse neglect on the rise

From the front page of the Wall Street Journal this morning – the horse population is rising, and unfortunately the amount of neglect cases is increasing nationwide as well. As baby boomers are buying second homes, they have purchased horses … Continued

Senate approves $286 billion farm bill

See the latest on the farm bill on now. Click here.

Easement update and elk population control

From around the web today, The Denver Post has an intriguing editorial entitled “Preserve the integrity of land easement program” and the Rocky Mountain News has an update on the task force meeting that took place today regarding the easements. … Continued

Conservation easement tax incentive update

On AgDay this morning, a Palisade, Colo. farmer talks about how conservation easements have worked for his property and situation. (Mirr Ranch Group’s own Tommy Latousek handled the conservation easement transactions that protected this family’s orchard when he was a … Continued

Farm bill update

According to the Western Farm Press, “Congress could still complete work on a new farm bill in January if the Senate can quickly resolve its amendment issues when it returns from the Thanksgiving recess.” Read the article for the latest … Continued

Hunters for wildlife and land conservation

All too often, hunters get a bad wrap from animal rights organizations and self-labeled animal lovers. However, most hunters are strong supporters of wildlife and habitat conservation. According to the article, “Hunters for love of the land,” published in the … Continued

Wineries a hot spot for growing agritourism

Brent Warner, an agritourism specialist with the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture, recently told a tourism conference in Grand Junction. “Agritourism is the fastest-growing tourism product in the world right now.” According to an article in the Denver Post, “Colo. … Continued

Energy development across the Rocky Mountain region

According to The Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction, “The quarterly Bureau of Land Management oil and gas lease sale set a state record Thursday, with one Garfield County parcel selling for $5.2 million, which resulted in an unprecedented price per … Continued

Colorado ranchers angry over army site expansion

The U.S. military is needing more land to triple the size of its Piñon Canyon Maneuver Site, which could affect ranchers in southern Colorado. “Several dozen ranchers and members of 15 county commissions that voted to oppose the project find … Continued

Tracking the farm bill

Find out both sides of the Farm Bill, which is currently up for reauthorization in Congress. Debate is flying over crop subsidies, payment qualifications, conservation programs, food stamps and nutritional programs, and international food aid. Where do you stand? Just … Continued


Agriculture tourism is flourishing in Colorado. As tourists look for alternative travel experiences, farmers and ranchers are picking up on this trend for increased cash flow. According to a report from Colorado State University (CSU), visitors are paying to stay … Continued

Logging vs. conservation vs. development

Is logging becoming an industry of the past? According to a recent article in the New York Times, rich moguls are buying up land in the West, as timber companies are seeing more profit in selling to private landowners than … Continued