• Jeinimeni connects to Lago Jeinimeni National Reserve on the North West side of the property (soon to be Patagonia National Park). The rest of the property is surrounded by private land.
  • World-class fly-fishing on the southern side of the property along the Jeinimeni River
  • Access to public road

Only 45 minutes from the small town of Chile Chico in the General Carrera Province of Chile, the 3,114 acre Jeinimeni property provides world-class fly fishing alongside the future Patagonia National Park. Jeinimeni is located at the confluence of Las Nieves River and the turquoise Jeinimeni River. The land affords private hiking, kayaking, and horseback riding through its pockets of native forest. This is a rare opportunity to own your own part of the Patagonia wilderness with pristine riverfront and seclusion unmatched in the United States.


  • 45 minutes from the quaint town of Chile Chico, known for its cherry production
  • Multiple species of flora and fauna unheard of in the United States
  • An opportunity to buy international property with the guidance of an American company


There is a dirt public road that arrives from Chile Chico and passes through the property from East to West. There is another gravel road that travels from the northern side of the property to the West. There are no permanent improvements on the property, however, there is a local luxury tent provider in the area who has set up campsites for visitors in the past. These tents include bathrooms and Patagonia Sur has recommended them to their clients previously. Due to the record 300 days of sun a year, solar power energy is the best form of electricity on the property. The adjacent neighbors use solar panels, which can be obtained in Coyhaique or Puerto Montt. Patagonia Sur can recommend companies they have used in the past to help install panels. The property also has potential for a small windmill.


The town of Chile Chico is a 45 minute car ride from the entrance of the property. This quaint mining town is situated on the shores of the General Carrera Lake. There are multiple ways to get to Chile Chico from Santiago, Chile. The first route is a two and a half hour plane ride from Santiago, the second is a two and half hour plane ride to Balmaceda and then a thirty minute plane ride to Chile Chico, and the third way to travel to Jeinimeni is a plane to Balmaceda, a car trip to Puerto Ibanez, and then a two hour ferry trip to Chile Chico.


The property is surrounded by privately owned land on every side save the north-west corner of the property that adjoins The Lago Jeinimeni National Reserve. This reserve contains glaciers, rivers, lakes, and lagoons and is named after the Jeinimeni Lake that is over 150,000 hectares big. This reserve will be known as an entryway into the new Patagonia National Park that will be opening within the next couple of years.

The General Carrera Lake, known as the second-largest freshwater lake in South America is also nearby. This pristine emerald lake is the largest in Chile and famous for trout and salmon fishing.


  • With 300 days of sunshine annually, the General Carrera Province has the greatest weather in Chile
  • Summer: High = low 60s, Low = Low 40s
  • Winter: High = low 40s, Low = High 20s


During the summer months brown and rainbow trout leave the General Carrera Lake and make their way up the Jeinimeni River to spawn. This annual spawn creates world-class fishing on the southern end of the property.

Rafting & Kayaking

The proximity to the Jeinimeni River allows owners on the property access to many other water sports. Rafting and kayaking often occur between April and December, depending on the level of river.


The property affords multiple other recreational components. The rolling hills on and off the property are perfect for horseback riding. Trekking is also possible on the property as well as at the nearby La Piedra Clavada Hiking Circuit. This trail circuit hosts a wide range of geological features like the Cave of the Hands, created by the Tehuelche Indians.

Ranch Operations

There is an existing agreement that allows the previous owner to hold a limited amount of animals on the Eastern half of the Jeinimeni property. This agreement expires in December of 2018.

Conservation Value

Patagonia Sur’s mission is to uphold the wilderness and multiple ecosystems that abound within the property. There are numerous bird populations that live within the confines of Jeinimeni’s borders; Guanacos, Nandues, Black-necked swans, Andean Condors, and Flamingos.  Jeinimeni encompasses multiple ecosystems within its borders, each with a specific population of plant life and animals. Each of these important systems are unique to the area and some of the species are not seen any other place of the world.

In order to help with these conservation goals, Patagonia Sur has created a unique opportunity to preserve the land that you purchase in Chile. After their inception, Patagonia Sur formed a non-governmental organization known as Fundacion de Conservacion Tierra Austral. This NGO acts as a land trust to help guide future of owners of Jeinimeni if they decide they would like to create a “Servidumbre Voluntaria” (a Chilean version of a conservation easement) on the property.

Patagonia National Park

In 2004, Estancia Valle Chacabuco was acquired by Conservacion Patagonica and Kris and Doug Tompkins on the pretense that it would be the beginning of the Patagonia Park. Lago Jeinimeni National Reserve, which adjoins Jeinimeni, and Tamango National Reserve will be donated by Chilean government at the time of Patagonia Park’s formal induction. Forming a 640,000 acre park accessible to the public, this expansive protected land crosses over into Argentina from Chile and allows for unobtrusive bi-national entry. The large expanse affords visitors access to rich riparian forests, wetlands, rivers and grasslands, and is home to numerous flora and fauna not seen in any other part of the world.

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