• Incredible water rights unheard of in any other part of the world
  • Minutes away from Laguna San Rafael National Park
  • Your own private ecosystem

Tortel is one of the most secluded properties in the Patagonia Sur portfolio. The property is only 18 miles from the quiet town of Caleta Tortel, a small fishing village unencumbered by any paved roads and connected only by wooden walkways. Tortel abuts the 6,725 square-mile Laguna San Rafael National Park and is located alongside the Steffens Fjord. The pristine evergreen clad landscape is interwoven intermittently by the crystal blue waters of the glacial Huemules River. The numerous ecosystems and incredible natural wonders that exist on this incredible property lend themselves to the adventurer in all of us.


  • Numerous water-based recreational activities
  • Complete seclusion only accessible by boat


Tortel has a small shelter accessible to hikers on the adjoining parcel owned by the municipality. This shelter is a part of a heritage trail known as the “Ruta Patrimonial” that runs to the Steffan’s Glacier. Patagonia Sur also has an existing relationship with a lodge in the town of Caleta Tortel for visitors.


Tortel is one and a half hours away from the quaint fishing town of Caleta Tortel. This village has no roads, connected instead by miles of wooden walkways. The property is a 1.5 hour-long boat ride from Caleta Tortel, which can be reached easily via a 1-hour plane ride from the town of Balmaceda.


The property lies on a fjord underneath the Steffen’s Glacier and next to Laguna San Rafael National Park. Over four miles of the glacier-fed crystal blue Huemules River winds its way through the property. Dense evergreen forests abound with rich Coigṻe (Southern Beech), Notro (Chilean Fire Tree) and Ciprés (Cypress) trees.


  • Driest month is November with 45 mm of rain
  • Heaviest rainfall occurs in April with 91 mm
  • Summer: High = Low 60s, Low = High 40s
  • Winter: High = Low 40s, Low = Low 30s

Boating, Sailing & Kayaking

The Tortel property abuts the Steffens Fiord and affords any property owner fantastic boating, sailing, and kayaking opportunities.


The Heritage Trail goes through the property and leads all the way to the base of the Steffen’s Glacier. Laguna San Rafael National Park is next to the property and provides access to a variety of hikes, including the opportunity to trek on actual glaciers.

Conservation Value

Patagonia Sur’s mission is to preserve the wilderness and ecosystems within the property. There are numerous bird species within the confines of Tortel’s borders, including populations of Magellanic Horned Owls and Southern Crested Caracara Falcons. Other species present within the property include; pumas, huemules, and Guiñas.  Tortel encompasses multiple ecosystems within its borders, each with a specific population of plant life and animals. Each of these important systems is unique to the area and some of the species are not found in any other place in the world. One of the most striking aspects of Tortel is its border with the Steffens Fjord. The conservation organization Oceana identified nearly 151 species in this particular ecosystem, including a variety of sponges and cold-water corals as well as Magallanic Penguins, South American Fur Seals, and Chilean and Black-Chinned Dolphins.

In order to help with these conservation goals, Patagonia Sur has created a unique opportunity to preserve the land that you purchase in Chile. After their inception, Patagonia Sur helped form a non-governmental organization known as the Fundacion de Conservacion Tierra Austral. This NGO acts as a land trust to guide multiple private entities, including any future owners of Tortel, if they decide they would like to place a “Servidumbre Voluntaria” (a Chilean version of a conservation easement) on the property.

Water Rights

Extractive water rights for over 1 billion gallons/year of pristine glacial water are included with the property for personal or commercial use. Neighbors of the Tortel property have used their water rights commercially, such as Crevasse Waters.

Laguna San Rafael National Park

Laguna San Rafael National Park is over 1.4 million hectares and home to the Northern Patagonia Ice Fields. Within the park are 19 glaciers, San Rafael glacier being the largest, and Mount San Valentín, the largest peak in the Southern Andes. The park is home to numerous flora and fauna including black-browned albatross, huala duck, cormorant, fur seals, and elephant seals to name a few. One can go on boat tours of the lake or take one of the many treks on the surrounding mountains and glaciers.


3,548 +/- total acres
Aysén Region, Caleta Tortel


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