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Rural land a safe investment

Invest Magazine had an insightful article in its October issue about investing in rural land. According to the author, we’re on the verge of the biggest land rush in our nation’s history, even surpassing the 1893 boom. “Both individual and institutional investors are looking to land as one safe haven to relocate part of their investment portfolio.” Some are even buying land like stock right now, “betting it will increase in value over the next five to ten years and beat stock market returns.” The article also reviews how retired or soon-to-retire baby boomers are increasingly buying land for dreams of living there someday with “60% of boomers” planning to move to a rural setting in their retirement. These two factors are starting to create a sellers market when it comes to rural land, meaning now is the time to invest.

To read the article in its entirety, visit the Invest Magazine website and go to page 13 of the October issue.

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