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No doubt about it, the current economy is uncertain. While Mirr Ranch Group doesn’t claim to be experts on the economy, we are experts in real estate, particularly in ranch and rural land investment. And while the residential real estate market has seen better times, the fact remains that farms, ranches and recreational land are staying the course.We encourage you to check out some of the ranches for sale on our website, as land is one of the safest investments you can make right now for many reasons:

  • Land and water are finite sources, so as our population grows, they unquestionably become more valuable. This is especially true in the Rocky Mountain region where the incredible amount of public land reduces the amount of available private land. In fact, nearly half of the land in the American West is federally owned.
  • Real estate transactions are easier to assess than other types of investments since you can fully evaluate the property with the help of brokers, appraisers, surveyors, lawyers, among others, before investing.
  • You can make the land work for you through various leasing practices, raising cattle, producing a crop, donating a conservation easement, hunting revenue and wind farming. The possibilities are endless.
  • As Ken Mirr put it in a recent article in the Western Livestock Journal, “Considering that over the past few years we’ve seen some properties appreciate in value by 18 percent, there’s no doubt that land was, and still is, a very attractive investment. I do believe strongly in the land market right now, especially as an alternative to playing your money on Wall Street. There’s good value to be had, and I think we’ll continue to see good appreciation on quality ranches.”

Stay above the curve, and contact the knowledgeable ranch brokers at Mirr Ranch Group today.

Also, check out Ken’s interview in the Western Livestock Journal entitled,
“Ranch buyers seeking value in mountain ranches in uncertain times.”

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