SEO – what does it mean and why does it matter?

One of the little-known marketing tactics that Mirr Ranch Group utilizes is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the practice of improving website traffic from search engines via non-paid search results for targeted keywords. We can accomplish this through strategic content and coding on our website, as well as campaigning for other highly-ranked websites to link to our website. It’s a long process, but mandatory in today’s electronic age.

Content and Coding
MRG is frequently updating our content and coding to show search engines like Google that our site is relevant and worth ranking well. Google crawls every website on the web constantly looking for relevant information for all search language, and also confirming that they are directing users to a quality website. Obviously, the more information it can gather about us, the easier it can classify and rank us for specific search terms.

Basically, it’s like high school all over again. If someone links to our site, it’s like they’re voting for MRG for class president (or in our case, #1 in Google for specific search terms). While it’s a popularity contest, sure, they wouldn’t do it unless they felt our content was beneficial, and our platform, well, was relevant. Also, the vote from the most popular kid in school or the class valedictorian has more clout than say, the class clown or new kid in town. The same holds true for websites. A link from the Wall Street Journal does more for our website ranking than a website that was just started by a new company.

Now, the important thing to know is that you can’t become #1 in Google or Yahoo overnight. This takes years and a lot of work. Mirr Ranch Group is committed to this process though, and continuously improves in our rankings.

Also, we’ve done an excellent job in aiming for targeted words. This decreases bounce traffic from our website. (For example, if a web user was to type in the search term “ranches,” they may not be looking for a ranch brokerage firm. They may be looking for ranching equipment or a dude ranch for spring break. If Mirr Ranch Group was #1 for this term, many people would visit our site, determine in a matter of seconds that it’s not what they’re looking for, and return to the search engine.) On the other hand, Mirr Ranch Group has a very low bounce rate. In fact, the average visitor spends around 5 minutes on our website! That is unheard of in our industry.

In the end, MRG aims to send qualified and relevant traffic to our website over quantity, a goal that differs from our competitors. If you’re looking for a ranch broker, ask yourself this question: what’s the point of sending a farmer who is only looking for a tractor to look at your ranch for sale online, when MRG can deliver the serious, qualified buyer who is specifically looking to purchase a ranch or sporting property, cash in-hand?

To find out more about SEO and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), another tactic that Mirr Ranch Group employs, check out this recent article in Advertising Age. (Ad Age is to marketers/advertisers as Wall Street Journal is to investors.)

By Mallory Boyce, Marketing Manager for Mirr Ranch Group

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