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Silver Mountain Ranch: A Recent Winter’s Day

Silver Mountain Ranch has the best of both worlds: an income-producing working cattle operation and exceptional trophy big game hunting. On our last visit, ranch hands were busy feeding cattle and calving season was in full swing. Long days and nights are the norm right now. Comfortably running 500 pair on a year round basis, careful management of range and wildlife resources have allowed the ranch and resident wildlife to flourish.

Cattle at Silver Mountain Ranch
Silver-Mountain-Ranch-winter16- - 8
Silver-Mountain-Ranch-winter16- - 7
Rarely does such a diversity of quality big-game animals exist on a working cattle ranch.
Silver-Mountain-Ranch-winter16- - 2
Wildlife observed that day included several hundred elk, including a tremendous bull. Several large bunches of antelope, mule deer and a young Bighorn Sheep ram.
Silver-Mountain-Ranch-winter16- - 1
Silver-Mountain-Ranch-winter16- - 9
Not only does this ranch have a tremendous working cattle operation, irrigated hay ground, and custom homes, it offers recreational opportunities such as unparalleled trophy big game hunting. It also a very strong candidate for development in the future.
Silver-Mountain-Ranch-winter16- - 3
Silver-Mountain-Ranch-winter16- - 5
Written by Ranch Broker Pat Lancaster.

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