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Last week, Mirr Ranch Group sponsored an event hosted at the Flying Dog Ranch in Carbondale, Colorado for Colorado Cattleman’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT), an organization that works to protect Colorado ranches.CCALT & Mirr Ranch Group | Colorado Ranches

CCALT is celebrating 20 years of conservation around the state of Colorado. The organization protects Colorado’s agricultural land statewide so that future generations can use these valuable landscapes as ranches. Their service to this state is something to be lauded and admired by all land trusts, not only in Colorado but nationally.

CCALT & Mirr Ranch Group | Colorado RanchesGroups like CCALT instill the ideals that Mirr Ranch Group upholds. As Ken Mirr puts it, “Mirr Ranch Group supports CCALT and celebrates it great work over the past 20 years. We share a common goal in keeping ranches as ranches.”

It was an incredible opportunity for local land owners in the area to get together and talk about a mutual desire to conserve valuable agricultural landscapes in not only the Roaring Fork Valley but all of Colorado. The attendees at the event Thursday night included different generations from ranching families who have owned land in the valley for years.

CCALT & Mirr Ranch Group | Colorado RanchesMany of Mirr Ranch Group’s brokers help the CCALT and their mission. Ed Roberson sits on the board and Daniel Carter does aerial monitoring for CCALT and Aspen Valley Land Trust.

According to ranch broker Ed Roberson, “We’re always excited to support CCALT and the important work they are doing throughout Colorado. By conserving productive agricultural lands, CCALT not only protects some of the West’s most beautiful open spaces, but also supports the ranching families who have been the backbone of life in Colorado for generations.”

Written by Haley Mirr.

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