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At Mirr Ranch Group, the ranch videos we produce are an essential part of our marketing process. Each broker is involved in every step of the producing process from creating the storyboard to final edits. We pride ourselves in our ability to effectively tell your property’s story and get this message out to a target audience. Our videos are produced and edited by some of the best in the business and always offer a cinematic quality.

Below are the some of the best examples of our storytelling at work:

MRG Cinematic Property Videos

Cielo Vista Ranch

  • Story/Target: A once in a lifetime opportunity to own your own mountain range complete with a private fourteener. Targeted towards ultra high net worth conservation minded hunters.
  • Obstacles We Faced: When you are selling a mountain range, it is imperative that the scope and size comes through in the video. In order to do this, our crew took video from open plane doors, hiked to treeline, and slept overnight in tents to get first light.
  • Property Status. SOLD

Wasatch Peaks Ranch

  • Story/Target: A rare 12,740 acre offering in the coveted Wasatch Mountain Range with a ridgeline spanning over 24 peaks with 15 bowls. For a ultra high net work buyer willing to put the energy into creating a ski area.
  • Obstacles We Faced: Most of the property was not accessible by road, so we needed skiing shots from the middle of winter and recreational shots from summer to show what makes the property unique. We also needed to get the crew out to Ogden, Utah.
  • Property Status: SOLD

Elk Creek Ranch

  • Story/Target: We needed to tell a compelling story to attract ultra high-end clientele to this luxury shared sporting ranch community with completely unprecedented fly-fishing & hunting resources.
  • Obstacles We Faced: It’s not easy to produce a cinematic quality action fly-fishing film in a couple of days. We had to plan our time out to a T and consider many factors like weather conditions, lighting, seasonal restrictions, and also just hope the fish were biting. Luckily our planning worked out and we were able to capture some very captivating scenes that truly shows just how amazing the vast resources are here.
  • Property Status: Numerous membership opportunities have been SOLD, and several are currently AVAILABLE.

Cross Mountain Ranch

  • Story/Target: One of the largest and most diverse ranches on the market today that combines agricultural operations with recreation. The targeted buyer will have the option to purchase Cross Mountain Ranch in its entirety or choose the offering that best suits them.
  • Obstacles We Faced: Cross Mountain Ranch is a non-contiguous piece of land that spans over four counties with unique stories to be told throughout the ranch. Our team had to tell one story that spans across the property.
  • Property Status: Multiple offerings already SOLD, and multiple are still AVAILABLE.

JE Canyon Ranch

  • Story/Target: We wanted to communicate to potential buyers how unique this property truly was by showing the size of the ranch, the diversity of ecosystems on the property, the spectacular geological structures, and the wildlife. 
  • Obstacles We Faced: Perhaps the most challenging component of this shoot was getting the shots within the canyons. With the help of Mirr Ranch Group broker Daniel Carter’s plane, and our fearless videographer, we were able to lean out of the plane and get the perfect shot of one of the most unique and private canyons in Colorado.
  • Property Status: SOLD

Owl Creek Ranch

  • Story/Target: Possibly the most pristine, remote, untouched piece of deeded wilderness land in the lower 48 for a buyer looking for privacy and incredible hunting.
  • Obstacles We Faced: Due to the remoteness of this property we needed to be able to recharge equipment batteries ahead of time, account for muddy roads during the shoulder season, plan ahead for weather, and be sure we got incredible wildlife shots like the one of the bears fighting near the end of this video.
  • Property Status: AVAILABLE

The Cottonwood

  • Story/Target: The Cottonwood is the Serengeti of the American West. The property is a combination of crucial wetland, river, riparian, and grassland habitats with a well-balanced cattle and agricultural operation. We needed to get all of these elements into one video.
  • Obstacles We Faced: Due to the size of the property and the numerous elements of the property’s story, we had to film this ranch video over a few weekends. 
  • Property Status: AVAILABLE

Trout Creek Ranch

  • Story/Target: This is a remote ranch property with tremendous sporting resources, iconic topography, and scenic views. We strategically developed the video to target a buyer that would appreciate significant ecological values and private location.
  • Obstacles We Faced: With so much to showcase on the ranch from the diverse zones to the recreational activities, and mountain views to multiple homes and structures, we were challenged to capture all the property had to offer in a couple minute video while still telling a story. Being on-site for multiple days from before sunrise, through thunderstorms and late nights allowed us to film all of these scenes and present a true “day in the life” through the lens.
  • Property StatusSOLD

Eagle’s Nest Ranch

  • Story/Target: This property has true end of the road privacy, is an unencumbered 80 acre parcel in the heart of the Vail Valley adjacent to largely inaccessible area of the Holy Cross Wilderness. Perfect for a seasonal or weekend retreat.
  • Obstacles We Faced: This property was not as difficult to shoot due to location and ease of access. We did however need to make sure we got footage for all four seasons since buyers will be able to enjoy Eagle’s Nest Ranch throughout the year.
  • Property Status: AVAILABLE

We look forward to producing even more cinematic ranch videos this decade. Do you have questions on how we can market your property and how you can get a video made? Take a look at our marketing capabilities here.

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