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Giving Back!

Next week is Colorado Gives Day! Need to be educated on some cool organizations around the state? Check out our list of some of the organizations we love around the state! See our blog here!


Thanks to the Western Digest, we were able to hear about some of the measures the USDA is taking to ensure working lands have the financing necessary to even consider conserving parts of their land. Read more here.


The sage grouse has been a topic of conversation for years. This week, the Trump administration said they would be “easing protections” for the sage grouse, stoking another debate between environmentalists, ranchers, and oil companies. Read more about all of the sides of the argument here.

Water Shortages in Resort Areas

Due to the impacts of COVID, larger ski corporations like Vail Resorts had to cut funding in different programs across the board. One of the projects that they had to defund was the cloud-seeding program. Read more here.

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