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Carbon Credits:

Carbon capture in soil has been hailed as an underrated solution to the problem of climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions. Read more.

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Climate Change:

Farmers and ranchers work at the frontlines of climate change. Many land management practices can help reduce carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane emissions, while enhancing carbon uptake in our soils.

Sage Grouse:

The Wyoming Legislature passed a bill this year that gives the state statutory authority to uphold its compensatory mitigation program, which works to offset some of the human-caused damage to greater sage grouse. Learn more.


U.S. Reps. Roger Marshall and Angie Craig have introduced the Pandemic Authority Suitable To Utilize Reserve Easements (PASTURE) Act, which would expand USDA’s authority under the Conservation Reserve Program. This legislation would authorize USDA to open CRP acreage for emergency haying and grazing beyond weather-related need to include during pandemics.

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