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Mountain Snowpack

Front Range water providers are hoping to expand a program that uses a new technology they say will revolutionize water management in Colorado. The technology creates a much clearer picture of how much water is contained in the snowpack and has been used in pilot studies in the Gunnison River basin and for Denver Water. Read more.

Bison Producers

The pandemic hit bison producers hard this year with plummeting sales. Announced last week, the U.S. Department of Agriculture signed off on buying up to $17 million, or roughly 2.5 million pounds, of their livestock meat.

Colorado River & Agriculture

A young Colorado rancher is leading ground-breaking work to make agriculture the linchpin of plans to balance water use on the Colorado River and keep ranches like his on the landscape. Find out more.

Colorado Drought Mitigation

Governor Polis issued a “Drought Emergency” memo, which marks the transition of the State Drought Mitigation and Response Plan from Phase 2 to Phase 3 “Full Plan Activation” and activation of the Municipal Water Impact Task Force. For nearly 15 weeks, deep and persistent drought conditions have covered 99-100% of the state. The last time the state experienced this intensity and coverage of drought was early 2013.

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