Touring Utah Ranches in Winter: A Day in the Life of Ranch Broker Mike McGarry

Winter and spring weather conditions on Utah ranches, as well as the entire Rocky Mountain West, can pose significant challenges to prospective ranch buyers’ abilities to tour ranches in the high country.

“We will do whatever it takes to accommodate people, regardless of the time of year,” is Mike McGarry’s philosophy.

Utah Ranches | Helicopter Tour
Ranch Broker Mike McGarry with the pilot and
the Hughes 530 helicopter

As Mike notes:

There are times when some incredible opportunities present themselves in the ranch market at the least opportune time of year. Our listing of the Soldier Creek Ranch in Price, Utah this past month is a perfect example of one of those times.

There is currently six plus feet of snow on the top of the Soldier Creek Ranch, where it is virtually impossible to see where the ranch roads are located. The snow conditions are very dangerous for snowmobiles and snow cats due to huge snow drifts that have formed along the narrow roads that parallel very steep terrain. The only viable option to tour the ranch was by helicopter.

“We took off from the Price Airport in a pristine Hughes 530 helicopter shortly after dawn. We had supplied mapping information to our pilot the prior day and briefed him on a pre-planned route to tour the ranch. Each person on board was provided with a hand-held device that continuously displayed our position above the ranch. We were able to safely and comfortably look at 51,000 acres in under two hours. We had a fantastic time and it was one of those days that we will all treasure for the rest of our lives.” 

Utah Ranches | Soldier Creek Ranch
Soldier Creek Ranch from above

Ranch Broker Mike McGarry is no stranger to flight. Before selling ranches, Mike completed a career as an airline pilot having flown numerous types of aircraft all over the world.  Today Mike represents buyers and sellers of Colorado and Utah ranches.

Take a look at his helicopter tour of Soldier Creek Ranch:

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