World-Class Fishing at Rivercliffe Ranch

Rainbow-close-upThis past weekend Mirr Ranch Group ranch broker, hunter and fisherman, Pat Lancaster, had the chance to fish at the Lodge at Rivercliffe Ranch. The property is situated just 45 minutes from Denver outside of Bailey, Colorado on the North Fork of the South Platte River. The Rivercliffe Ranch has access to 2/3 mile of world-class private fly-fishing on the North Fork, and ¼ mile of Craig Creek.

The best fishing on the North Fork of the South Platte River occurs within 15 miles below the outlet of Robert’s Tunnel. This section of river is fed by cold water from Lake Dillon and perfect temperature for larger populations of fish. Luckily for Pat, Rivercliffe Ranch is situated right in the middle of this fifteen-mile stretch of world-class fly-fishing.

Rivercliffe_WaterholeDeparting Denver late morning, Pat was able to enjoy a leisurely lunch on the banks of the river. Afterwards, he was able to enjoy an afternoon of fishing while not seeing another fisherman. Due to the lack of public access on this stretch of the North Fork of the South Platte, fish are abundant. Rivercliffe_RainbowThe closest access point is downstream a couple miles, and the only way one can even reach the river is by foot or horseback.

The seclusion and privacy of this stretch of river proved successful for Pat, with over 13 fish caught within the span of a couple hours. Ranging in size from 14-20 in. Cut Bows, Rainbows, and Browns were consistently caught throughout the day with blue skies above. This is just a normal day at the Lodge at Rivercliffe Ranch, a fisherman’s paradise, only minutes from Denver, Colorado.

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