Wyoming Ranches for Sale: Elk Hunting at Owl Creek Ranch

Teeming with wildlife, including trophy elk and several other big and small game species, one of our Wyoming ranches for sale, Owl Creek Ranch, offers some incredible hunting opportunities. Located in renowned trophy unit, Elk Unit 64, near the town of Thermopolis, this is one of Wyoming’s best trophy bull elk areas. 

Rob Arnaud, President of Montana Hunting Company, recently visited Owl Creek Ranch and tells us about his visit:

Everyone who follows elk hunting and specifically trophy elk hunting knows Wyoming is a great destination state. Quality bulls and minimal harvest makes for older age class trophies that makes us all want to be hunters! I was especially excited to draw a permit and even more excited to get access to the Owl Creek Ranch.

After making the appropriate contacts with Mirr Ranch Group and the property manager and getting all the details, my hunting partner and I arrived via UTV to a remote but comfortable cabin to hunt. It is equipped with all the essentials and made our stay extremely satisfying and easy. That afternoon we hiked from the cabin to a nearby basin to witness elk everywhere! Bulls of all sorts were bugling and carrying on. What fun it is to have a tag in your pocket for bull elk and a rifle in your hand!

My selection of bull elk was predicated on size and accessibility. Both my hunting partner and I are in our 60s, and while both of us are very fit, I was wishing I had my mules or at least my strong sons to help pack a bull out!  We were lucky though, and the biggest bull we saw was at a lower elevation and in the waning light of the afternoon. I was able to make a 275 yd shot on an outstanding bull! By the time we got to the bull, darkness had descended. We got him dressed and tagged and walked a short one mile back to the cabin for dinner and drinks.

The next morning, we were up watching cow elk and rutting bull elk right by the cabin. Elk were in the creek riparian areas, in the meadows, on the dry hillsides and on the high mountains. Elk were everywhere! What a sight!

Rob Arnaud

We got back to the bull and processed him all while listening to wolves howl below. Truly this is a wildlife paradise, and I am thankful to have gotten to experience this!

As listing brokers, Jeff Hubbard and Pat Lancaster, can attest, Rob’s report is not an uncommon story at Owl Creek Ranch. In addition to some of the West’s best elk hunting, the property offers bighorn sheep, Shiras moose, mule deer, black bear, and grizzly bears, as well as an occasional pronghorn on the lower reaches of the property. For the true sportsman, this is is truly one of the finest Wyoming ranches for sale.

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