Elk Creek Ranch: A True Fly-Fisherman’s Paradise

Elk-Creek-Ranch-fish2Elk Creek Ranch is located in a pristine part of northwestern Colorado and is a true fly-fisherman’s paradise. This private sporting community boasts one of the finest and largest private fishing resources in the world. The ranch controls over 25 miles of rivers and streams that are only available to Elk Creek members and their guests. Even the most discerning angler can be satisfied here for a lifetime, as there is a huge diversity of livewater, healthy populations of big trout, and a prolific system of hatches. The iconic green drake is a mainstay in the spring season. Throughout the summer caddis, mayflies and a variety of stoneflies always bring trout to the surface. The late summer and fall grasshopper and terrestrial fishing is a major draw for members. The waters of Elk Creek Ranch continue to fish well throughout the winter months with midges and baetis. Known for some the finest dry-fly fishing in the American West, this vast and protected trout fishery is the direct result of a strategic assemblage and the impeccable management of several major riverine ecosystems:

The White River:
Elk Creek Ranch controls approximately 8 miles of the main stem of the legendary White River. This includes the prime Elk-Creek-Ranch-White-Riverfreestone stretches along the main ranch property, as well as the productive bends of the K/K Ranch and the extensive braids of the Seeley Ranch downstream. The White offers very easy access and year round enjoyment for all levels of anglers and sustains a very healthy population of brown and rainbow trout.



Elk-Creek-Ranch-South-ForkThe South Fork:
The South Fork of the White River is controlled by Elk Creek through a long-term lease on the 4,800-acre YZ Ranch. This secluded and incredibly scenic ranch spans the entire valley and is surrounded by National Forest. The South Fork runs for 11 miles and presents a more technical opportunity for anglers looking for a diverse challenge and big rewards. The stream fishes somewhat like a spring creek with crystal clear runs and pools, prolific hatches, and big trout. Late season terrestrial dry fly action can be absolutely epic!


Elk Creek:
5 miles of Elk Creek meander through a beautiful drainage on the south end of the ranch. Making its way from the headwaters high up in the National Forest, this technical and intimate creek fishery eventually flows into the White River right on the ranch property. Elk Creek offers a true diversity from the larger White River and South Fork, and has a distinctive wilderness fly-fishing feel to it. Not to mention the incredible opportunity for wild brook trout.Elk-Creek-Ranch-Elk-Creel


There are 12 lakes dotted along in the river bottom on the main ranch that provide yet another great resource to fly-fishermen. Encompassing more than 30 surface acres these interconnected ponds are a great place for beginners to wet a line, or for experienced anglers to hook-up with big cruising rainbows from a float tube.


For more information and a visual representation of the different fishing areas, download the beat maps. Also, check out available properties at Elk Creek Ranch.

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