Ranch Buying Services By Mirr Ranch GroupMirr Ranch Group is experienced in representing ranch buyers of lands throughout the American West and South America. We can assist with establishing search criteria to evaluate ranches, property selection, opinions of value, and analysis, including, title, water rights, mineral rights, legal issues, public lands, stewardship, conservation, enhancements, and regulatory issues.

Collectively our team has over 100 years experience as ranch brokers, public lands attorneys, MBAs, conservation consultants, outfitters, guides, wildlife stewards and agricultural experts, and many of us are also ranchers, farmers, fishermen, hunters and conservationists ourselves. With such diversity of backgrounds, Mirr Ranch Group can evaluate a property from a comprehensive perspective.

Our buyer acquisition services include:

Full professional representation of buyers

From initial interest in buying a ranch to closing to post-closing ranch management and wildlife habitat enhancement, we’ll fully represent your interests through the entire process.


Development of search criteria

We’ll sit down with you to define your budget and your preferences, such as location, features, and attributes.


Detailed search of all available databases and other resources for current listings

Our brokers have access to many resources to find available listings that meet your search criteria.

Target specific properties and landowners for unlisted acquisition and assemblage opportunities

Since Mirr Ranch Group brokers have been in the field for quite some time, we have developed an extensive database of unique properties and have the know-how to research county records for that right property. Our brokers’ network of contacts also allows us to hear of unlisted acquisition opportunities before they hit the market.


Provide complete due diligence services, valuation and evaluation of selected properties

Once we find a ranch that’s right for you, we will execute due diligence, valuation, and a comprehensive evaluation of the property, including analysis of legal issues, water rights, mineral rights, title, public lands (permitting, exchanges, rights of way), stewardship, conservation, enhancements, and regulatory issues.

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