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Mirr Ranch Group is experienced in representing ranch buyers of ranches and recreational properties throughout the American West and South America.

Comprehensive Buyer Services

Collectively our team has over 100 years experience as ranch brokers, public lands attorneys, MBAs, conservation consultants, outfitters/guides, wildlife stewards and agricultural experts, and many of us are also ranchers, farmers, fishermen, hunters and conservationists ourselves. We utilize proprietary software to evaluate water rights, access Forest and BLM planning and grazing procedures and handbooks.

With such diversity of backgrounds, Mirr Ranch Group can evaluate a property from a comprehensive perspective and help take the emotion out of what can be a very emotional transaction. From initial interest in buying a ranch to closing to post-closing ranch management and wildlife habitat enhancement, we’ll fully represent your interests through the entire process.

“The Mirr team’s understanding of western states’ licensing laws, public lands rules, landowner permit options, game management units, & big game patterns proved invaluable in helping us find the right ranch with great hunting options. That it was not yet on the market was also a great benefit!

Lew Davies

When You’re Ready to Start Your Legacy

Search Criteria Development

We’ll sit down with you to define your budget and your preferences where it relates to location, physical features, agricultural needs, water rights, recreational uses, access, and public land adjacency. Some of the items we will look at will be:

  • Location
  • Physical Features
  • Agricultural Needs
  • Water Rights
  • Recreational Uses
  • Access
  • Public Land Adjacency

Property Databases

Available Property Database

Our brokers have access to many resources to find available listings that meet your search criteria and our available in-house listings are curated for the clients we represent.

Unlisted Property Database

Since Mirr Ranch Group brokers have been in the field for quite some time, we have developed an extensive database of unique properties across the West and have the know how to research county records for that right property, listed or not. Our brokers’ network of contacts also allows us to learn of unlisted acquisition and assemblage opportunities before they hit the market and target those properties.

“Buying a ranch is serious business. Often it takes more than just looking at the land and its value. Determining adjudicated versus beneficial use is important, water laws are different in many of the western states, consideration of requesting a phase one environmental study, mineral interests of the land, and BLM and USFS relationships must be understood.  In two purchases and one sale, Mirr Ranch Group has proven to have the resources to make it happen.”

Robert Taylor, BS, DVM, Dip. ACVS


Our ranch brokers have negotiated real estate transactions across the West and understand the underlying values on ranch properties. Knowing how to value ranch lands in a variety of geographical locations is vital in property selection and acquisition.

We understand how properties may be benefited by water rights, fishable streams, and proximity to public lands and also how they can be impacted by conservation easements, access issues and other encumbrances. 

Negotiations and Representation

Mirr Ranch Group’s brokers are intimately knowledgeable about the various strategies to employ in negotiating a purchase and sale on behalf of either sellers or buyers.  From negotiating the business terms in the purchase and sale agreement to closing, our brokers are versed in in-depth property analysis and research on matters such as title, water rights, mineral rights, public lands, stewardship,  conservation easements, hunting tags, wildlife habitat, grazing practices, enhancements, and other legal and regulatory issues.   

Building Your Legacy

At MRG, our goal is to not only connect buyers with their legacy, but to assist them in this new venture. While some of our clients have a background in ranching, many of our clients are going through all of this for the first time. Mirr Ranch Group knows that this next step can be challenging.

We will assist with all underlying ranch management, land planning, water rights, wildlife management, outfitting, and conservation easement questions. At Mirr Ranch Group, we understand what goes into successfully creating a legacy and we are here to help!

Ready to get started? Contact us today to begin your search!

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