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PART 2: Protecting Mule Deer Populations of the West

This week, we continue our conversation with Senior VP of Mirr Ranch Group, and renowned game outfitter, Jared Souza, and CEO of the Muley Fanatic Foundation, Joshua Coursey about the West’s Grey Ghost, more commonly known as mule deer. Together, we discuss how individual, organizational and government methods are coming together to help the current population rebound from the devastating winter of 2022-23.

Premiering: Friday, April 19th at 1PM MT

PART 1: Protecting Mule Deer Populations of the West

Panel: Haley Mirr, Joshua Coursey and Jared Souza

An essential piece to land stewardship is the preservation of wildlife and their habitats, and how hunting is an essential piece to this process. In part one of a two part series, we invited Senior VP of Mirr Ranch Group, and prestigious wild game outfitter Jared Souza, and CEO of the Muley Fanatic Foundation, Joshua Coursey to discuss how mule deer specifically are important to the West’s ecosystems, and what are the best practices landowners and hunters can do to solve the problems that many of theses animals are facing. Let’s see what we found out!

State Game and Fish Boards, Promoting Stewardship In the West

Panel: Haley Mirr, Brian Nesvik, and Jared Souza

An important part of stewardship of the West is maintaining the natural wildlife populations and their habitats. A key piece of managing these populations is through hunting and fishing, which is regulated and controlled by state game and fishing departments. We brought on Director of Wyoming Game and Fish, and Mirr Ranch Group VP and broker Jared Souza to speak about the importance of these agencies in the West.

Different Conservation Investment Mechanisms for Sellers, Part 2 of a 2 Part Series

Panel: Haley Mirr, and Wade Shelton

One service we provide at Mirr Ranch Group is helping our clients navigate options available to them if they want to conserve their property in perpetuity. There are multiple avenues one can take when considering conservation.

In part 2 of our 2-part series with Wade Shelton, from the Trust of Public Land, we continue our discussion and look at two ways TPL can help ranchers reach their conservation goals through acquisition or conservation easements. Let’s see what we discovered.

Trust For Public Land: Historic Projects Across the West, Part 1 of a 2 Part Series

Panel: Haley Mirr, and Wade Shelton

Over the years Mirr Ranch Group has worked with different conservation groups to purchase and sell properties around the West, one of the most nationally recognized groups is Trust for Public Land. Today, we will look at the history of TPL and dive into some very recognizable projects that they have worked on throughout the West.

The Picturesque Narrative of the West Through Art

Panel: Haley Mirr and Kate Hlavin

We continue to focus on the importance of the National Western Stock Show to the ranching lifestyle, by narrowing in on the Coors Western Art Exhibit and Sale. This art show is one that is dear to Mirr Ranch Group, as they have been supporters of the exhibit for many years. To discuss what Coors Western is and how it is moving forward, we invited the new curator of the exhibit, Kate Hlavin to the show. Let’s see what we found out!

Western Life for Over 100 Years: The Story of the National Western Stock Show

Panel: Haley Mirr and Paul Andrews

In early January ranchers, cowboys, and tourists alike, look forward to visiting Denver to visit the National Western Stock Show. As the Stock Show wrapped up it’s 118th year we invited the CEO and President of the National Western Stock Show and Complex Paul Andrews to discuss this years Stock Show, and its importance to the farming and ranching community. Let’s see what we discovered!

The Ranch Real Estate Landscape, and Future Investment Opportunities

Panel: Haley Mirr and Jeff Hubbard

In this week’s episode we invite Senior Vice President of Mirr Ranch Group Jeff Hubbard to discuss the trends we saw in the ranch real estate market in 2023, and also what we can expect for the market in 2024. Join in, to see what we found out!

Preparing Wild Game

Panel: Haley Mirr, Daniel Carter, Woody Beardsley, Erik Anderson, Jared Souza, Willy Strazza, & Harry Woodward

During the recent holidays, we here at the Land Bulletin have been enjoying amazing libations and fantastic food. This made us go back and think, “What are some of our favorite wild game meals and dishes?” While we had no problem coming up with our favorites, we decided to invite some of the ranch real estate brokers from Mirr Ranch Group to share their recipes as well. Let’s see what they bring to the table!

The Benefits of State Land Boards Working With Private Land Owners

Panel: Haley Mirr, and Kristin Kemp

Urban Land Stewardship

Panel: Haley Mirr, and Harriet LaMair

In this week’s episode we take a different look into what one normally thinks land conservation is. Instead of wide-open landscapes, untouched by development, we are  focusing on urban land stewardship.  With the help of the Executive Director of the High Line Canal Conservancy, Harriet LaMair, we  take a look into how local non-profits help protect open spaces in urban and suburban areas, as well as how you can become involved at a local level. Join us to see what we found out!

Investment Opportunities in “The Cowboy State”

Panel: Haley Mirr, Jared Souza & Erik Anderson

Wyoming is an expansive state that harbors some of the Intermountain West’s most diverse landscapes. Today we sit down with Senior VP of Mirr Ranch Group, Jared Souza, and our newest addition to the team, Erik Anderson to discuss what makes Wyoming such a wonderful place and why it is a great place to make a ranch investment. Let’s see what we discovered.

The Current Ranch Market of West Texas & the Intermountain West

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and James King

Today, Haley and Ken Mirr meet with James King of King Land & Water to discuss the recent brokerage alliance between King Land & Water and Mirr Ranch Group, the history of both firms, the ranch markets of both West Texas, and the Intermountain West, and the conservation efforts we are seeing both in Texas and the Intermountain West. Join us, to see what we found out!

Establishing Quality Habitats For Upland Birds and Waterfowl

Panel: Haley Mirr and Gabby Zaldumbide

Throughout many episodes we have focused a lot of our hunting conversations on big game. However, we deal with a lot of buyer and sellers who are interested in purchasing upland bird and waterfowl hunting properties across the West. On this episode we chat with Gabby Zaldumbide, a guide with Uncharted Outdoorswomen, and the Managing Editor of Project Upland Magazine to discuss what can ranchers do to make their properties more bird friendly. Find out what we learned today!

How to Prepare for the Effects of Snow Runoff on the Fly Fishing Season

Panel: Haley Mirr and Erin Crider

How did the record snowfall runoff impact the fly fishing this year in the West, and can we expect the same this upcoming season? What can landowners do to protect their stretches of water? We talk to Erin Crider, outfitter and Founder of Uncharted Outdoorswomen to discuss.

The Land And Ranch Real Estate Market with Tom Alexander

Panel: Haley Mirr and Tom Alexander

Today, we discuss the current ranch real estate market with rural real estate expert and Publisher of Texas Land and Land Magazines, Tom Alexander. We will explore the current landscape, trends, and the perspectives of both buyers and sellers.

Protecting Wyoming’s Vital Migration Corridors: Why they Matter

Panel: Haley Mirr, Steve Sharkey, and Jared Souza

Twice a year, ungulate herds trace ancient paths across the West, but development threatens these vital corridors. On this episode, we delve into solutions with two members of the Wyoming Stock Growers Land Trust board, Steve Sharkey with the Knobloch Foundation, which are champions in protecting these critical habitats, and WY Partner and Mirr Ranch Group VP, Jared Souza.

Innovations in High-Altitude Cattle Operations

Panel: Haley Mirr, Dan & Katie Reardon, and Daniel Carter

Direct-to-consumer beef operations and high-altitude cattle ranching are emerging as influential income-producing strategies in the West. Today, Haley Mirr hosts the owners of Rocking R Red Angus, Dan and Katie Reardon. Additionally, ranch broker and Senior VP of Mirr Ranch Group, Daniel Carter, will be on the show. Together, they’ll discuss how these strategies are propelling growth in their business and the opportunities presented by their two available ranches.

Profitability on Smaller Ranches: Unlocking Income Potential For Landowners

Panel: Haley Mirr and Connor Coleman

We have explored a variety of income strategies for landowners of larger ranches. But what income strategies benefit smaller boutique ranches and their owners? Helping Haley out is Connor Coleman, the founder and principal of Colorado-based Resiliency Lands – a private land management consulting firm.


Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Rick Danvir

Haley has Wildlife Biologist, Rick Danvir, on the show to discuss how the large snowpack this past winter has impacted different types of big game and their habitats across the West. He’ll also review what’s being done, and what we can do to help these herds.

Spring 2023 State of the Ranch Real Estate Market

Panel: Haley Mirr & Ken Mirr

Haley has MRG founder, Ken Mirr, on the show to take a look at the 2023 ranch real estate market, from reviewing current market conditions and influences to buying and selling advice for clients looking forward into the year.

Renewable Energy as a Layered ASset Strategy

Panel: Haley Mirr, Judd Rogers, & Anna Buongiorno

Income from wind or solar projects can provide long-term, predictable income for your ranch. Is it the right strategy for your property? We have Judd Rogers and Anna Buongiorno with Scout Clean Energy on the show to find out.

How Can data-Driven Insights Help SEll Your Ranch?

Panel: Haley Mirr and Mike Komp

Data can help inform, provide context, and drive decisions for landowners and ranch buyers alike. Should it be a part of your process? We have Mike Komp with Enriched Ag on the show to find out.


Panel: Haley Mirr and Daniel Carter

As seasoned ranch brokers, we run into properties that are difficult to sell from time to time. Haley has ranch broker Daniel Carter on the show to go over the top reasons a ranch doesn’t sell, and how you can avoid these issues when it’s time to sell your property.


Panel: Haley Mirr and Ben Guillon

Fresh off being named Colorado State Land Board’s 2022 Lessee of the Year last month, Haley has conservation investment expert and ranch broker, Ben Guillon, on the show to discuss what makes a property a good candidate for conservation investment. 


Panel: Haley Mirr and Ken Mirr

This past year brought its fair share of ups and downs for landowners and ranch investors alike. Haley has Ken on the show to look back at the MRG top 10 of 2022. We review the top news and issues of the year and how many of these challenges will continue to be a part of ranch ownership. We will also be looking at some of the successes and stories of our friends and colleagues from last year. 

When Design Meets Nature with Architect Marc Gerritsen

Panel: Haley Mirr and Marc Gerritsen

Design meets nature in Architect Marc Gerritsen’s latest Colorado creation, MAAD Peak, which sits atop a mountain peak in northern Colorado outside Fort Collins. On Tuesday, Haley has Marc on the show to discuss how the property’s modern and monolithic design redefines luxury and reimagines mountain living. Marc will then give us a personal tour!

TOP 6 Things to Consider when Buying a Ranch near a Resort Town

Panel: Haley Mirr and Tommy Latousek

At Mirr Ranch Group, we often work with clients who want to buy a ranch near famous ski resort towns like Aspen, Vail, Steamboat, Jackson, and Park City. Today, Haley sits down with ranch broker and resort-market specialist, Tommy Latousek, to discuss the top 6 things an informed buyer should know when buying a ranch property near one of these special places.


Panel: Haley Mirr and Erik Anderson

Many don’t know that Title is different in the Intermountain West than in the rest of the country. Today, we sit down with the Vice President of Land Title, Erik Anderson, to discuss how it’s different, as well as the importance of title work from both a seller’s and a buyer’s perspective.


Panel: Haley Mirr and Rose Fredrick

Haley has special guest, Curator of the Coors Western Art Show, Rose Fredrick, on the show to discuss what western art has done to preserve the culture of the American West.

Fresh Approaches to Monetizing your Ranch

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Eric O’Keefe

Haley and Ken host Eric O’Keefe, Editor of The Land Report, to explore the different monetization strategies of the nation’s leading landowners. Beyond the typical ways ranches generate income, the group will discuss a new wave of entrepreneurial ingenuity they are seeing in the field.

Advocating for Western Landowners with Lesli Allison

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Lesli Allison

Haley has Ken and the Executive Director of the Western Landowners Alliance, Lesli Allison, on the show to discuss her team’s work advocating for landowners in the West. If you own land or are thinking about buying, you need to watch this episode!

After watching, head over to Westernlandowners.org and become a member. It’s FREE and will give you access to incredible resources for Western landowners, such as guides, current news, webinars, video series, events, and so much more.

With a $30+ donation, you will also receive WLA’s On Land Magazine, the voice of stewardship in the American West. The current issue is filled with great articles and features guidance on succession planning, and dealing with predators, as well as an article penned by someone you might know on the origins and implications of Western water law. 

Evolution of a Westerner with Ed Roberson

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Ed Roberson

Haley has Ken and our friend, former MRG broker, conservationist, and host of the Mountain and Prairie Podcast, Ed Roberson, on the show to discuss ranching, conservation, landscapes, culture, literature, art, and most importantly talk about how two men journeyed from other parts of the country, fell in love with the American West, and became Westerners themselves. To learn more about Ed and Mountain & Prairie, check out and subscribe to these podcasts and newsletters:

Buying & SElling Advice: ALl ABOUT RANCHES IN UTAH

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Chris Corroon

Ken and our Utah Exclusive Marketing Affiliate, Chris Corroon, join Haley to talk about everything you ever wanted to know about buying and selling ranches in Utah. From what’s unique about owning land in Utah to what we’re seeing in the market there, Chris gives us some key insight on investing in the Beehive State.

2022 Mid-Year Check-In: State of the Ranch Market

Panel: Haley Mirr and Ken Mirr

Now that we’ve reached the last days of summer, Haley sits down with Ken Mirr today to discuss the current state of the ranch market. They’ll review the findings in the recently published 2022 USDA Land Values Survey, discuss the differences they’re seeing across various markets, as well as address current events impacting landowners.


Panel: Haley Mirr, Woody Beardsley, Tom Morrow, and Louis Martin

Haley, along with Woody Beardsley, has Tom Morrow with Lyme Timber and Louis Martin of Round River Resources on the show to discuss the investment side of regenerative agriculture. They will tackle all we want to know from investment criteria and attributes necessary to funding requirements with conservation incentives and management objectives, and will show how the BX Ranch is an example of these practices.

Wildfires & Mitigation: What You Need to KNow

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Jared Souza

Ranch broker and volunteer firefighter, Jared Souza, joins Haley and Ken to discuss wildfires and what you can do as a landowner to protect your property. We’ll go over how they impact the west, who manages them, how they impact your property, and the benefits as it relates to the overall landscape and habitat of your property.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Panel: Haley Mirr, Tommy Latousek, and Kevin Watt

Haley has ranch broker, Tommy Latousek, and special guest, Kevin Watt with the famous TomKat Ranch, on the show to cover everything you need to know about regenerative agriculture, from what it is to its benefits, profitability, and what it looks like in practice.

Colorado’s Western SLope

Panel: Haley Mirr and Mike McGarry

Ranch broker, Mike McGarry, joins Haley to discuss one of his areas of expertise: Colorado’s Western Slope. We’ll answer the important questions, from what’s so different about the Western Slope compared to other parts of Colorado, to the state of water, to what the ranch market has been doing there the past few years.

Preparing to SEll Your Land

Panel: Haley Mirr and Ken Mirr

Haley has Ken Mirr on the show to discuss the steps you need to take before putting your ranch or sporting property on the market. Being prepared will help your property sell that much faster.

The Fly-Fishing Property Market

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Daniel Carter

Ranch broker and fly-fishing property expert, Daniel Carter, visits the show to discuss the fly-fishing property market with Ken and Haley. In addition to a market update on this specific type of ranch, we’ll cover topics affecting these properties like stream access, how fisheries impact values, drought/low-flows, stream restoration projects, stocking versus wild fisheries, and more.

Conservation updates for COlorado ranchers & Landowners

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Erik Glenn

Special guest Erik Glenn, the Executive Director of Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) joins Ken and Haley to discuss the latest conservation updates for ranchers and landowners. CCALT has partnered with hundreds of families since 1995 to conserve more than 700,000 acres of Colorado ranch land. Erik will help explain the latest developments, including the recent conservation easement boom in Colorado.

RAnches as an INVESTMENT

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Jeff Hubbard

Jeff Hubbard visits the show this week to discuss everything about ranches as an investment – from how we evaluate a property, to strategically approaching the sale, to what buyers of legacy and sporting ranches should consider in this market.

Hunting – Planning & Trends

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, Pat Lancaster, and Jared Souza

Ken and Haley invite Pat Lancaster and Jared Souza to the show to discuss hunting planning and trends. Join us as we dive into different state laws, species trends, tag allocations, increasing applications, and more.

Water in the West

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Tommy Latousek

Haley, Ken, and Tommy get together and discuss everything about Water in the West – from western water history and drought, to anti-speculation legislation and the water rights market, to what private landowners are doing now.


Panel: Haley Mirr and Ken Mirr

Ken and Haley discuss the current ranch real estate market, inflation, and investment potential, as well as offer their best advice for buyers and sellers in this crazy market.

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