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Live: The Fly-Fishing Property Market

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Daniel Carter

Ranch broker and fly-fishing property expert, Daniel Carter, visits the show to discuss the fly-fishing property market with Ken and Haley. In addition to a market update on this specific type of ranch, we’ll cover topics affecting these properties like stream access, how fisheries impact values, drought/low-flows, stream restoration projects, stocking versus wild fisheries, and more.

Live: Conservation updates for COlorado ranchers & Landowners

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Erik Glenn

Special guest Erik Glenn, the Executive Director of Colorado Cattlemen’s Agricultural Land Trust (CCALT) joins Ken and Haley to discuss the latest conservation updates for ranchers and landowners. CCALT has partnered with hundreds of families since 1995 to conserve more than 700,000 acres of Colorado ranch land. Erik will help explain the latest developments, including the recent conservation easement boom in Colorado.

Live: RAnches as an INVESTMENT

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Jeff Hubbard

Jeff Hubbard visits the show this week to discuss everything about ranches as an investment – from how we evaluate a property, to strategically approaching the sale, to what buyers of legacy and sporting ranches should consider in this market.

Live: Hunting – Planning & Trends

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, Pat Lancaster, and Jared Souza

Ken and Haley invite Pat Lancaster and Jared Souza to the show to discuss hunting planning and trends. Join us as we dive into different state laws, species trends, tag allocations, increasing applications, and more.

Live: Water in the West

Panel: Haley Mirr, Ken Mirr, and Tommy Latousek

Haley, Ken, and Tommy get together and discuss everything about Water in the West – from western water history and drought, to anti-speculation legislation and the water rights market, to what private landowners are doing now.

Live: UPDATE on the 2022 Ranch REAL ESTATE MARKET

Panel: Haley Mirr and Ken Mirr

Ken and Haley discuss the current ranch real estate market, inflation, and investment potential, as well as offer their best advice for buyers and sellers in this crazy market.

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