Our Vision

To see a better West where private landowners are celebrated for their work to support open spaces, connected landscapes, thriving local communities, and flourishing wildlife. 

About Us

Founded in 2005 by Ken Mirr, Mirr Ranch Group is a ranch real estate brokerage specializing in legacy ranches and sporting properties with conservation values. (Check out this article in The Land Report about Ken’s journey from the shores of Michigan to building his life’s work in the Rockies.) Our belief is that selling landscapes is comparable to dealing in fine art and requires a depth of understanding, skill, and tailored marketing to reach sophisticated ultra high net-worth buyers.

We have a proven track record, and our group has distinctive backgrounds and education with exceptional communication and negotiation skills. Our team consists of MBAs, marketers, wildlife biologists, outfitters, ranch managers, skilled negotiators from national conservation groups, and PR specialists to tackle the sensitive issues.

Our Mission

By wielding our unique expertise where sales, marketing and unprecedented knowledge of western lands merge, we connect qualified buyers with unique landscapes and incredible conservation and sporting properties. We take the uncertainty out of a specialized niche and emotional marketplace, while providing guidance as our clientele makes legacy decisions and sound investments. 

Through these efforts we keep working ranches working, preserve our nation’s viewsheds, and maintain the connectivity between other private and public lands to enhance larger landscapes and wildlife habitat. We strive to understand the significant attributes and complexities of our unique listings and share the ecological values including water, soils, fisheries, and wildlife habitat that need to be conserved and sustain these landscapes.

Our Values

Buying a ranch is one of the biggest investments and most meaningful decisions that our clients will make in their lifetime. As such, our work will be guided and informed by our commitment to the following values:


We have the most comprehensive knowledge base in the business comprised of experienced professionals from all backgrounds. With this insider knowledge, we can easily navigate issues and anticipate obstacles on valuation, access, water, conservation easements, public lands and title issues. Our team devises customized positioning strategies for trophy assets to achieve optimal value, and profiles ultra high net worth (UHNW) and agricultural buyers through our private client base and proprietary database developed over the years. We are not a traditional brokerage that relies only on applications like Zillow and the MLS to disburse their listings; rather, we aggressively market our properties directly to a limited pool of sophisticated UHNW buyers. 


It’s more than just lip service, we understand the important role that private lands play in the West and are passionate in our desire to link and educate buyers and sellers who share our interest in conserving these lands. Mirr Ranch Group understands the intricacies of conservation easements, and specializes in determining its impact for each property and situation. Through our working relationships, client education, and commitments to conservation, ranching and wildlife organizations, MRG has helped conserve hundreds of thousands of acres of private lands throughout the West and around the world. 


We strive to make an impact on our landscapes clients and landowners through sharing stories about the land and management techniques. Owning a ranch or recreational property is not just an investment, it is a rare legacy that few have the opportunity and capability to enjoy. With the limited ability to own large private landscapes in the world today, comes a great responsibility: to be a good steward and to manage and preserve these lands for the benefit of our natural and wildlife resources. We do this work because we are good at it, but more importantly, because we care about these landscapes and helping our clients leave a lasting legacy.

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