Own Land in Patagonia

While Also Helping Protect It

Invest and protect the landscape near Torres del Paine by joining a global community of explorers and conservationists in Explora’s debut Conservation Reserve.

Have you ever dreamed of not just exploring one of the most remote and spectacular areas on earth, but protecting a piece of it? Owning land and participating in a community with world-class amenities?

Mirr Ranch Group is proud to partner with one of the world’s leading exploratory hospitality groups, Explora, to offer the opportunity to explore and own property in one of the most significant landscapes in South America while partnering to fund its protection in perpetuity. A Reserve where owners will have access to world-class amenities and concierge services while also partaking in a compelling conservation project managed by the Nature Conservancy to create a world where people and nature can thrive.

The Opportunity.

The Location.

The Impact.

Experience Explora at its best.

Going forward, this new model will allow discovery, recreation, and adventure while funding and supporting the protection of whole ecosystems for the benefit of all. This model goes beyond the traditional conservation easement, to strengthen the connection between hospitality, exploration, management, and protection. Request more information today, and see how you can be apart of the movement.

@Guy Wenborne 8456862-7

All owners at the Reserve will have access to the following services at the Reserve and benefits at future Reserves.

  • Guided Explorations
  • Pre-Arrival Services
  • Horseback Riding
  • Concierge Services for Stay
  • Airport Arrival Service
  • Rental Management Services
  • Home exchanges with other owners at future reserves

All owners will have access to the amenities on the Reserve with all improvements being, designed by award-winning architects, Aguilo & Pedraza and the management plan and layout of the Reserve being planned by The Nature Conservancy.

  • Guest Lodge
  • Stables and Gaucho Headquarters
  • Quincho
  • Trail Network
  • Access to Existing Explora Lodge

Explora will coordinate all architecture, permit management, and construction of owner’s homes at the Reserve.

  • Owners will work with one of four renowned Chilean architects who have collaborated with Explora in the past
  • Explora will coordinate all architecture, engineering, permitting, and construction management for the owner.

As an owner at the Conservation Reserve, you will automatically be enrolled in the highest level of Explora’s ECHO Society. This membership gives you access to:

  • All EXISTING Explora Lodges for 50% Off your nightly stay
  • Owners access to San Pedro do Atacama and Parque Nacional Patagonia
  • Exclusive trips offered only to ECHO Society Members
  • Access to a global booking network, including owner rates to future Reserve lodges

“I would like the persons that come here to share our land and our project to participate actively in our project.”

– Caroline Van Kilsdonk


The Nature Conservancy

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