How Do We Know What a Ranch is Worth?

Ken Mirr walks us through what a ranch broker looks at when evaluating your property.

Unlike residential and commercial properties, evaluating a ranch or sporting property for our ranch sellers and buyers is a more complex process as no two ranches are ever exactly alike.

While other types of real estate will analyze comparable sales information, a ranch broker doesn’t have a central database of ranch sales to access. So we capitalize on our working relationships with appraisers, bankers, title companies, county officials, other ranch brokers, and landowners to uncover useful land sales data. 

At Mirr Ranch Group, we are committed to performing this research thoroughly and as accurately as possible, because getting this wrong can mean the difference of millions of dollars for our clients. In the past year, MRG saw our ranches sell at 98% of the list price on average, and we’re quite proud of our ranch brokers for this diligent work.

In today’s video, MRG Owner/Managing Broker, Ken Mirr, walks us through how our ranch brokers tackle the heavy task of evaluating ranches.

Contact us today if we can help you evaluate your ranch or a ranch property you’re considering buying.

Pass Creek Ranch - Colorado ranches for sale - Fall valley

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