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A Little About Me

The premier conservation and ranch real estate firm in Texas, King Land & Water draws on a team of experienced professionals with vast knowledge in all aspects of ranch real estate transactions. Heritage and Legacy embody the philosophy of this family-operated company. Owned and led by seventh-generation Texans, King Land & Water brings to the table a rare combination of skills and experience in natural resources, land planning, resource management, conservation tools, family ownership, ranching, transactions, and negotiations, combined with a vast network of buyers, investors, and landowners. We provide high-level support and leadership for any level of transaction complexity and are ready to achieve your goals.

Texas will double in population in the next two decades, with that in mind, there is great pressure to continue the fragmentation of ranches, farms, and landscapes throughout Texas. Our team has over 40 years of experience working with natural resource agencies, land trusts, and landowners to deliver lasting conservation to maintain our working ranches and natural landscapes. Using tools like conservation easements and selling ranches to people dedicated to land stewardship are the hallmarks of our company’s experience. With over 1 million acres sold and $1 billion in sales since 2008 King Land & Water can deliver for both the selling Landowner and the discerning Buyer. Whether dealing with conservation land, ranchland, hunting and recreation properties, or investment land we are committed to: “Protecting Clients. Conserving the Land.”

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