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Bull Moose on Wyoming Ranches for Sale

Wyoming Ranches for Sale | Bull Mountain mooseThe seller of Bull Mountain Ranch, one of our Wyoming ranches for sale, caught a snapshot of this bull moose on the property this week.

Bull Mountain Ranch is a combination traditional working ranch and high-end sporting property. The owner receives some interesting sporting opportunities since the property has acreage in Wyoming and Colorado.

The ranch provides extremely valuable and pristine habitat for many game species, with elk, mule deer, antelope, moose, black bear, mountain lion and turkey prevalent on the ranch. The 3,040 acres in Colorado make up the majority of timbered mountainous terrain on the property, and all lie in Colorado’s Game Management Unit 8. The 390 acre Wyoming portion of the ranch is in Hunt Area 8 for elk, Hunt Area 77 (Region D) for deer and Hunt Area 44 for antelope.

In addition to hunting opportunities on the property, Bull Mountain Ranch shares over 11 miles of border with Roosevelt National Forest, BLM and State Trust Land. This only expands the possibilities.

Find this big bull moose today! Contact listing ranch brokers Ken Mirr or Mac McWhorter today for more information on Bull Mountain Ranch, one of our outstanding and unique Wyoming ranches for sale.

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