Family Cow Elk Hunt on New Mexico Ranches

One of the few blessings of the COVID era is that we as parents are able to spend more time with our children than usual.  My 16 and 10-year old boys were able to join me for quail hunting in Kansas on multiple occasions this past season, and last month we headed to a pair of northern New Mexico ranches, American Creek and Saladon Creek Ranches, for a cow elk hunt.  My longtime Mirr Ranch Group partner Pat Lancaster joined us for the trip.

Elk Hunting with Family

The owner of American Creek and Saladon Creek Ranches was kind enough to give my 10-year old son, Tommy, a landowner cow elk tag.  We spent a few wonderful days at the ranches.  The first morning we hunted, Tommy was able to take his first cow elk at 267 yards.  He made a perfect shot with his 7mm – 08 for a quick and humane harvest.  Tommy was thrilled, and of course, I was very proud.

High-Quality Meat & Lessons for Life

My children have been raised on, and consume almost exclusively wild game meat.  The organic, low-fat, hormone and antibiotic-free meat from Tommy’s cow elk will feed our family for a year.  I feel very fortunate to be able to share hunting experiences with my children. They learn and foster valuable skills such as:

  • respect for nature,
  • competence with serious weapons and safety protocols,
  • teamwork,
  • self-reliance,
  • hard work, perseverance, and fortitude.

I believe firmly the skills fostered through hunting will serve my boys well through many of life’s endeavors and challenges.  

Ranches Close to Town

American Creek and Saladon Creek Ranches offer outstanding elk hunting opportunities with transferable landowner tags for both bulls and cows. In addition to our fantastic hunt, Pat, the boys, and I were able to enjoy fun dinners out at restaurants in the ski town of Angel Fire 10 minutes from the ranch. We were also able to retire to the comforts of a modern, spacious ranch house when we were not hunting, with the boys attending their school classes via Zoom thanks to fiber internet access.

American Creek and Saladon Creek Ranches are two New Mexico Ranches for sale and have just hit the market at compelling prices. These adjoining hunting properties can be purchased separately or together for a truly unbeatable mountain sporting retreat.

New Mexico ranches

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