Fishing Report: The Grey Reef in Wyoming

As the spring run off continues and temperatures begin to rise, the Grey Reef is coming to life. Flows have continued to increase in recent weeks with current discharges from Grey Reef Dam around 3,400 CFS, making for quicker trips down river. However the fishing is getting good, especially in the renown Grey Reef section of the North Platte River.

Mirr Ranch Group Photo

With the increased flows, the water is showing some color, but hasn’t seemed to affect the bite much. Griffith’s Gnats, Black Para Adams, and Sprout Midges, or a great go-to bug at the moment for dries on smoother slack water and buckets on the edges. Leeches, Worms, Eggs, and Streamers are a favorite among wet fly producers on the river currently, with colors depending on water stain for the day.

Grey Reff Tailwater

Some of the best fishing on the river right now is between the Grey Reef Dam and the Lusby Boat Ramp. With the right fly and a little luck, maybe one of the 8,000 fish per mile will happen to be hungry when you float by.  You think I misspoke? No, there are actually 8,000 fish per mile, in the Grey Reef Section of the North Platte River giving it the designation of the #1 Big Fish Trout Stream in the country!

As you drift from Grey Reef Dam along the whole south shore of this section of this incredible fishery lies the sprawling 69,550-acre Marton Ranch. Then at the end of your drift near the Lusby Boat Ramp and directly across the river from the Marton Ranch, lies the Tailwater Fishing Cabins, making two awesome riverfront properties on the best part of the North Platte River, on one of the best fisheries in the country.  A true fisherman can’t beat that!GreyReefAerialMap-blog

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