Mirr Ranch Group and King Land & Water Become Allies in Conservation

You never stop learning in life and I wouldn’t want it any other way. There’s nothing like facing a challenge and figuring out the answer. Over the years I’ve learned an important lesson: You don’t have to find every answer yourself. More than once I’ve leveraged the experience of others to solve a problem.

That’s why our Allies in Ranch Brokerage and Conservation Real Estate agreement between Mirr Ranch Group and King Land & Water is a natural extension of the learning process that started when I studied real estate law and water law while earning my JD from the University of Denver.

Of course, the subsequent ‘real world’ education I got working at a land-development company and then a firm specializing in public lands really schooled me about the interaction between public and private land. I was immersed in leasing deals and land exchanges. It was through those experiences that I learned about land conservation and was inspired to launch my ranch brokerage in 2005.

king ranch land and water

All these years later I’m still learning through my experiences and from other people. I count James King as an important example of the latter. While I like to think I have been carving out a legacy in ranching, James is the sixth generation of what is essentially ranching royalty: Captain Richard King.

Captain King’s life story – born into poverty in New York, a stowaway who became an expert steamboat pilot and then a partner in steamboat companies, as well as a serial entrepreneur – is the stuff of legends. All of that and much more was preamble to his extensive land speculation during the late 1800s in Texas and role in creating what we recognize as the modern ranch, with the introduction of fences, cattle drives and breeding techniques.

And although a Texas State Historical Association biography about the Captain notes “he saw business as having no social responsibilities, only profitable ones,” that has changed through the generations. That’s illustrated in part by the work of James over two decades at The Nature Conservancy. Among the many projects he championed, many consider the creation of the Davis Mountains Preserve a signature example of important conservation in Texas.

Given that extensive background, and family history, it was natural for James to launch King Land & Water in 2008 and make a name as someone who deeply understood the conservation aspect of the ranch brokerage business.

Which is a long way of saying it was natural James and I found common ground almost immediately upon meeting more than a decade ago. It didn’t hurt that we don’t compete geographically: MRG focuses on the Rocky Mountains, King Ranch on Texas. Although we have shared some clients. 

Over the years we’ve communicated with each other regularly about the challenges we face and shared ideas that helped us solve them. Which made us realize: Why don’t we formalize the relationship for the benefit of our clients? 

By collaborating with King Land & Water, we have exponentially grown our buyer pool and client database. Additionally, we will be able to offer an expanded portfolio of sporting ranches catering to a wider audience of buyers and sellers.

And by the way, this new alliance won’t “fence us in.” James and I are not just working on conservation issues — we continue to be land and ranch brokers first. But we’re excited about how this step allows us to bring even more value to our clients.

See what others are saying, and check out the Land Report’s latest article about the alliance here.

Learn more about our alliance and available Texas ranches for sale here.

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