Opportunities in Regenerative Agriculture

Cinch Buckle Ranch, Example of Regenerative Agriculture
Cinch Buckle Ranch

For decades, it has been no secret among ranchers that strategic grazing can improve not just a ranch’s financial bottom line, but also the overall ecological health of the landscape. Through grazing, cattle or other livestock defoliate the grass, disturb the earth, and fertilize the soil, leading to healthier, more resilient grass—the foundation of any solid ranching operation and grassland ecosystem.

Despite an abundance of well-documented evidence, the idea that agriculture can contribute to worldwide environmental health has been slow to take hold in the mainstream media. So it was a pleasant surprise to see regenerative agriculture receiving much-deserved attention in the New York Times Magazine. The in-depth feature story details the many ways that agriculture can help solve some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges:

Can Dirt Save the Earth?

The Cinch Buckle and Antelope Springs Ranches are case studies in the positive role that regenerative agriculture can play in bolstering large swaths of grasslands, increasing biodiversity, and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. The ranches’ manager, Grasslands LLC, has invested heavily and strategically grazed each ranch for years, resulting in two of the most ecologically healthy large-scale operations on the market today. In addition to the ranches’ environmental benefits, both are easy to manage and predictably profitable, making them a true win-win from a financial and conservation perspective.

Each ranch presents a significant opportunity to play a leadership role in the regenerative agriculture movement through owning a scaled-up, financially viable eastern Montana cattle operation. For more detailed information on either ranch, please contact listing broker Duffy Brown.

For further reading on these ranches, visit Cattle Ranches for Investment-Minded Buyers and Ranching in the Northern Great Plains – Holistic Planned Grazing.

Antelope Springs Ranch

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