• The Halleck Canyon Ranch is well known for great yearling gains and excellent summer pasture consisting of hardy short growing season grasses.
  • Halleck Canyon is a very diverse property, with lots of great habitat for mule deer and elk in the drainages and rock outcroppings.
  • Located in a premier elk area for the state, Area 7
  • The short growing season and easterly aspect typically provide more moisture and faster growing grass then much of the surrounding area. The Halleck Canyon Ranch is a very productive working ranch, combining all the valuable attributes that investment minded buyer seeks.

The Halleck Canyon Ranch offers 5,512 deeded acres lying along the east slope of the Laramie Range located in between Laramie and Wheatland, Wyoming along Highway 34, and approximately 90 miles from Wyoming’s largest livestock market. This is a unique opportunity to own a large piece of valuable native rangeland with several small creeks, ponds, and spring tanks providing amply watered pastures, and enough habitat to boast a resident elk herd, huge mule deer, and an endless supply of antelope with the occasional bighorn sheep.

  • Deer and antelope tags are easily available for the ranch
  • Situated reasonably close to Torrington Livestock Market, which allows cattlemen easy access to a valuable market place and a close proximity to many large feedlots
  • The ranch offers rangeland, deep canyons, rock outcroppings stunning vistas, and recreational attributes.
  • Halleck Canyon Ranch benefits from numerous live water creeks that traverse the property in several different locations.

The plains to the west, and Halleck Canyon, Pole Mountain, China Wall and the surrounding mountains to the north and east, create a stunning backdrop at Halleck Canyon Ranch.

The Canyon Unit provides valuable summer grazing over 5,512 deeded acres. This unit includes excellent native rangelands, numerous rock outcroppings, and several large canyons that create a perfect blend of production and recreational benefits.


The property is located in between the county seat for Albany County, Laramie, and the county seat for Platte County, Wheatland. Either town provides all the amenities needed, with Laramie being the larger of the two and holding the University of Wyoming and a population of 30,816.


The area receives approximately 13 inches of rainfall per year and averages 41 inches of snowfall. There are generally 230 sunny days per year and high temperatures range from 89 degrees in July to 41 degrees in January.


  • The ranch and nearby area provides endless recreational opportunities for a buyer seeking to maximize productive ground and still have the benefit of some incredible hunting opportunities.
  • Sybille Canyon Wildlife Research Center and Johnson Reservoir border the Canyon Unit to the south and offer wildlife viewing and great trout fishing during the summer months.


  • The Halleck Canyon Ranch boasts an endless supply of antelope.
  • A resident elk herd and some incredible trophy mule deer find sufficient cover in the many rock outcroppings and deep canyons on the property.

Ranch Operations

Halleck Canyon Ranch is a very nice large parcel separated into 4 pastures for rotational grazing throughout the summer months. The live water and spring tanks located throughout the ranch make this parcel extremely easy to monitor during the summer.

Investment Value

Very rarely is there such a large piece of almost completely deeded acreage available in the area, especially with the aesthetics and production value of the Halleck Canyon Ranch. This property is well managed and amply watered, and offers valuable native grasslands for a large number of yearlings, or summer pasture for the cow calf producer.

Halleck Canyon Ranch

5,512 +/- deeded acres
Platte County, Wheatland


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